Pro-bending battle This is the official page of the Pro-Gamers. Let's game away with our editing!

The Pro-Gamers is a user group devoted to creating video game articles and improving the ones that are already present. This includes games that are featured on, downloadable games such as Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Path of Zuko, and the video games that have been released on consoles such as the Avatar: The Last Airbender video game.


  • This user group is not for social purposes; it is to edit the game pages. Members who are found using this group for social reasons will be removed.
  • Members must have strong contributions to the main namespace; not necessarily quantity, but quality edits.
  • Members must inform the user group if they plan on being inactive. Members who don't edit over a period of four weeks, without informing any member of the group, will be removed. If you return, you may request to join the group once more after one week.



Members of the Pro-Gamers group can add this userbox to their page: ​​

This user is a member of the Pro-Gamers.


Main article: Avatar Wiki:Pro-Gamers/Pages


If you want to join this group, please leave a brief message justifying why you should be a Pro-Gamer below. Requests are currently open.

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