Joo Dee This page documents an official Avatar Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.

If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining Avatar Wiki, ignore it. However, this does not:

  • Mean that it is in itself a valid answer if someone asks you why you broke a rule or exempt you from being accountable for your actions. Most of the rules are derived from a lot of thoughtful experience; they should therefore only be broken for even better reasons.
  • Stop you from pointing out a rule to someone who has broken it, but do consider that his or her judgment may have been correct, and that they almost certainly thought it was (see Assume good faith).
  • Make for an invitation to use Avatar Wiki for purposes contrary to that of building an Avatar encyclopedia and community site (see also About and What Avatar Wiki is not).
  • Mean there is an exception to every rule. There are no exceptions, for example, to copyright policies.
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