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Crossfire title

Crossfire is the intriguing fanon from Omashu Rocks, an author who knows exactly what he's doing with words, and isn't afraid to show you.

This story follows the life of Nalia, a firebender born in the Fire Nation, and trained to kill without batting an eye. When her father is murdered, and her life — and the life of her sister — is put at stake, she chooses not to die, instead joining the Fire Nation's most elite group of killers. Only this way will she be able to earn her freedom. She will kill, or die trying.

An edgy story, full of violence and action, anyone who is a fan of any type of darker story should definitely not miss out on this one. (read more...)

The Gunfighter[]


The Gunfighter is one of the hidden gems of the fanon portal, written by one of the most dedicated authors we have on the wiki, Jacob13Kyle!

This story follows the tale of John Rider, a Gunslinger from our world who also has the ability to firebend. When betrayed by those he once believed to be his friends and allies, he has but one choice; escape into the world of Avatar. Here, he finds himself fighting to stop a war he shouldn't even be a part of, and along the way making new friends and uncovering dark secrets about his past, and the people he once allied himself with.

Danger, intrigue, and just enough romance to keep you on your seat for more are all featured in this fantastic story. Don't believe me? Take a look. (read more...)

The Kyoshi Chronicles[]

Kyoshi's fans

The Kyoshi Chronicles is one of the few stories to focus on a past Avatar, but with a love for Kyoshi that words can't define, Kyoshidude really takes history to a whole new level!

What happens if the Earth King doesn't want an Avatar? Seventeen year old Kyoshi has to face danger like she never has before, all the while trying to learn, not just the other three elements, but her native earthbending; she didn't even realize she was a bender at first. With the help of her two friends and a shirshu, Kyoshi must evade almost everyone if she wants to survive long enough to bring balance back. Can she do it?

Kyoshidude really takes his writing seriously, and it's obvious from the effort he puts into it that he loves his writing. I can guarantee that you'll love it too. (read more...)

Avatar: Neo Revolution[]

Republic City New2

Avatar: Neo Revolution is the fantastic ongoing series by Jtwin1. For such an interesting topic, two boys who grew up together being potential Avatars, this idea isn't nearly explored enough (although when you're up against this story, would you bother, either?)

Dover and Sedgely are just two average waterbending orphans. There's nothing mystical about them at all, really... except for the fact that one of them may be the Avatar. The world needs an Avatar, and they must journey to the appropriately-named Haven to try and return peace. With danger lurking around every corner, can the two boys manage it?

One of those hidden gems of the fanon portal, this story really deserves such a title as 'featured fanon'; with brilliant action scenes, suspense and mystery, this is a story for everyone. Don't believe me? (read more...)


There are few stories here that are designed to stop and make you think—few stories that are written for the author, rather than the audience—and yet Sparkstoaflame is one of those people who will always have a story to tell. A story to share. And, she'll be absolutely fantastic at it.

Excelsior has the title of a triumphant story, however the reality is really something else. An AU that almost isn't, the intriguing characters and the depths to their lives really push this story; coupled with an intensity that is hard to rival, this story is one of the most poetic, gorgeous pieces of art the wiki is lucky to host.

Sparkstoaflame has been praised for her excellent poetic style—her near-mastery of the style—and this story shows you just why. (read more...)

The Hunt: Survivors of the Air Nomad Genocide[]

Survivors of the Air Nomad Genocide Main Image

AtkaSura has begun what promises to be one of the most creative and compelling stories on the fanon portal yet. With the strange, non-linear releases of chapters and unusual plot, this fanon will prove to be one of the most interesting when finally it's finished.

The Hunt: Survivors of the Air Nomad Genocide is different to most other stories that feature the Air Nomads after the destruction of their temples. This story is not about people being happy because they survived—they are destroyed because no one else did. It offers a realistic look into the thing dubbed 'Survivor's Guilt', but also shows what honest companionship can do to help.

Anyone who hasn't yet read this jumble of chapters, regardless of completion of the story, is missing out on an epic tale. (read more...)

Fire World[]

Fire World Logo.JPG

It's rare to find authors capable of writing an AU that deviates by only one point from canon, but LightningStrike24 is just about the best of them.

Fire World looks at the seemingly innocuous idea of 'what would happen if Aang died at Azula's hands?', and takes the reader on an epic journey as the aftermath of such an incident is explored. With 66 chapters planned, readers can already see just how much detail is expected to be featured in this story—one of the greatest aspects.

With four chapters released—and an author who has every intention of coming back to finish it—now is the time to take a look at this gorgeous story. (read more...)

The Book of Primal Illusion[]


There are few authors who focus on shipping stories on the wiki, and even fewer who write for Zutara, however Harpalyce is one of those people. The best part? She does it fantastically.

Set eight years after the Hundred Year War, The Book of Primal Illusion is a thrilling tale of adventure and subterfuge, with secret societies and deadly illnesses, this story is sure to have you on the edge of your seat! Despite being discontinued, the 23 released chapters are brilliant enough to make any user groan in disappointment. And hey, if you don't like the shipping, you'll love the illustrations.

Despite disappearing from the wiki, an anonymous source can confirm that the author is still floating out there, still writing. All that's left now is for her to come back. (read more...)


Zuko and Ozai confront

With an ever-diminishing percentage of ATLA-based fanfics on the wiki, it's lovely to see new ones still popping up. Legendgrass might be new, but don't let that stop you from taking a look at this wonderful story.

Conspiracy, set a few years after the War, intends on delving into everyday, average issues that the leaders of nations have. Things like one of their best friends being accused of plotting against him, their mother disappearing (after having only just been found, thank you very much), and assassination attempts. That's all normal, right?

With 7 chapters out of a predicted 11, this story is almost at its end, though it's worth every second spent reading. I strong encourage everyone to take a look at this story. (read more...)


The featured fanon series this month is one of Fruipit's distinguished short series centered around characters that are based in the Avatar universe, and with the overarching theme of the "Seven Deadly Sins". Although the story has a handful of chapters that have been published already, not all of the sins have been represented yet, so it's clear that there are more entries to look forward to in the future!

Seven has captured the attention of a variety of readers on the fanon portal, and represents an always-growing genre as a collection of one-shots. Taking us below the surface level of each character and their drive and troubles, Fruipit's story allows us to get a feel for their pain and what makes them human. A recommended read for anyone looking for something new and refreshing. (read more...)


Ghosts of the Past[]

The first featured fanon series of 2015 is a unique, thought-provoking, and emotional story from Katherine Rebekah. Set in a modern-day alternate universe of the Avatar world, it follows Katara as she struggles with loss, depression, and a faltering faith in God. Real, modern-day religions are not a common subject of Avatar fan fiction and that element truly makes Ghosts of the Past special.

Read as the characters deal with their own emotions and each other after the Hundred Year War in a world known to them but not too far from our own, and learn how Katara's inner turmoil can challenge both her faith and her very identity. (read more...)