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Peasant Meets Royalty

Earth Kingdom Royal Palace

Peasant Meets Royalty is one of the first ten chapters of Silent Hero in Emerald, written by the successful author, Minnichi. Chronicles about tales of the secret and elite police force of Ba Sing Se, the chapter contains romance, angst, and adventure. It tells about Riya, a peasant girl from Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se who goes to the Upper Ring to meet her old friend and love-interest, Yuhan. But the Dai Li headquarters is infiltrated by the Avatar's group after Jet regains his memories. Yuhan feels ashamed that he'd avoided brainwashing him since he might've had a better chance at creating a stronger memory block than Hiroshu. The agents lose badly to Team Avatar, and Yuhan stays behind to convert Jet's remaining friends. (read more...)



Colours is a masterpiece written by an amazing author, Fruipit. Fruipit is nothing more than a regular user but she has the miracle to write awesome stories. Famously-known as one-shot writer, Fruipit has her own style with her Learning series. Her "Learning" chapters hold a strong words and meaningful, written in-depth with Toph and Aang as her favorite characters to write. Colours follows Aang and Toph as the former tries to explain the concept of colors to Toph, who just happens to be blind. Now picture the color green in your mind. Now picture the same thing with only feelings. No other things to use as reference. Now try. Hard right? But Fruipit did it right. So if your ever looking for a Taang fanon, seek no further. It's right here! (read more...)



Tension is the prologue of Moon Drops, a shining new story on the fanon portal. Meg Lindsey has set the tone for a twisted love story with only the first few sentences of her introductory chapter.

Bouncing between two timelines that are set twenty years apart, the author has managed to give her readers a glimpse of a controversial future for Korra's children and has contrasted it to Korra's own conflict: an uncomfortable situation regarding feuding Water Tribes, an unexpected suitor, and a marriage decision she can't retract. (read more...)


Cake is the first chapter of the poetic masterpiece, Scarf, the newest project from esteemed writer, Theavatardemotivator.

Beginning on the birthday of the now six-year-old Bolin, the chapter sets the pace for the dramatic background story of the bending brothers, starting with the loss of their parents. Through imaginative and flowing language, Theavatardemotivator manages to submerge the reader in the whirlpool of emotions that young children feel when confronted with loss. "Cake" is overflowing with heavy emotions, though TAD's brilliant writing style combines it masterfully with lighter scenes. With several metaphors, "Cake" paints a unique picture, showing rather than telling the readers from Mako's point of view of how two young benders manage to survive in a cold world as the only stability in their lives is taken, forcing them to fight in order to remain together.

The excellent writing style and deep emotions make this a must read for any lover of literature. (read more...)

Rong Yan (Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan)

Szeto lavabending

Avatar Rong Yan is the main protagonist of Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, the masterpiece of a hardworking author, King Bumis Heir. Play the role as the successor of Avatar Ku Tei and preceding before Avatar Yangchen, Rong Yan has to keep his fate as the Avatar to keep the world in balance. The Fire Nation-born Avatar was born in a small village, began his struggle as the only person in the world that has to master the four elements and protect the whole world – when he was not ready yet.

The author of the amazing story, King Bumis Heir put all of his effort to create his own "encyclopedia" of the said story with no exaggeration, while no one seems care of the extraordinary style of writing. In the whole Fanon Portal, there are only less than hundreds saga and serial that have such detailed character pages, and Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan is the one.

The massive and solid writing and detailed information make this article is one of the best in the Fanon Portal. (read more...)

Horoscopes (One-Shot)

Old Team Avatar

Horoscopes is a short one-shot written by the dedicated author, Originalavatarnerdling, which takes a humorous look into the lives of the adult Team Avatar.

When Aang mysteriously receives a letter from Aunt Wu, coupled with a brand new prediction technique she has devised, Katara becomes a little too invested in them. For reasons unknown, she is desperate to disprove it, providing a hilarious short story about living up to people's expectations

One of the more hilarious shorts available, OAN once again proves her talent as an author. Anyone looking for a more mellow story should definitely give this one a look! (read more...)

A Minute

Korra cries

A Minute is a gorgeous one-shot, written by the esteemed author and admin, Lady Lostris. This short story shows just how versatile Lady Lostris is, and gives an entirely new meaning to the word 'romance'.

A fanon take on the finale of Book One, A Minute invokes such emotion that it's hard to believe it isn't canon. This sweet story follows Asami as Korra, as locked in their own battles, it's only the thought of being reunited with each other once again.

"We're not doing this. We're not doing anything 'just in case'. All I want to hear from you now is a promise that you'll come back to me safely." (read more...)


Chapter Thirteen (Nirvana)

For I Have Sinned

Some chapters make you laugh so hard you can no longer focus on the words. Others make you think about the world, and what you can do to change it for the better. Chapter Thirteen of Typhoonmaster's amazing fanon, Nirvana, does none of these. No, it makes you want to curl up into a little ball and weep for a few hours. Once you think you're done crying, you'll remember this chapter and want to cry all over again.

The entire story, it seems, was building up to this moment. Ty has a wonderful, if not slightly sadistic skill, of making you absolutely fall in love with his world before wrenching it away. It's not just the characters you love; it's the setting and animals. It's the beautiful imagery and the way he can draw out emotions you didn't even realize you had. And then he manages to completely turn it on its head and destroy it right before your very eyes. He has pulled a 'Chapter Thirteen', and there's nothing you can do about it.

If you haven't already read this story, do it. You will regret not reading it just as much as you will regret it by reading it. Ty is.... he's just that good. read more...


Aang nearly corrupted

This chapter of Lady Lostris' was due to be featured some time ago, if only for the sheer amount of effort and skill that went into the descriptions and action scenes.

The readers truly get inside the head of Seraphine in this chapter, and her moral conundrum at the beginning, coupled with her actions and the result of those actions, this chapter has more characterisation than most full-fledged stories. Lostris has proved, time and time again, what a capable writer she is, and this chapter was just the icing on the cake.

If you want action and violence and a bit of swearing to boot, this chapter is good for that. But, it's not the best part of it. It's the emotions and the eloquence that, really, only Lostris can pull off for such a scene. read more...

The Avatar and The Crane

Eastern Air Temple at night

Kyoshidude is one of the most under-appreciated users on the wiki, with his writing popping up almost randomly, but never something you want to miss.

The Avatar and The Crane is one such story. A glimpse into Aang and Katara's future, it shows just a short moment between the two as Aang tries to come to terms with the fact that, though he has everything, he's still alone—the Air Nomads are gone. But, things aren't meant to be sad, and Katara always knows what to say or do to give him hope again.

This short little 'shot, written by one of the most dedicated and under-appreciated writers, is a perfect rendition of a scene that every Kataang fan has envisioned at least one. read more...

The Weeds of Wealth

Yuyan Archers in the trees

Jtwin1 is the best kind of writer out there; he's good at writing, and he loves doing it. Any user who has spent even a second on one of his story pages can see the depth of detail and work he's put into his stories, and chapter 8 or Avatar: Neo Revolution is no exception.

The Weeds of Wealth is a beautifully written (and titled) chapter—though that's to be expected from the author by now. The vivid descriptions are completely immersive, and it feels like no time at all before you've devoured all 7,000 words.

To anyone who has ever thought about reading some of Jtwin's work but hasn't, this is just the push you need. read more...

In Pursuit of Perfection

Sad Azula

Once again, Sparkstoaflame manages to write something completely out of the ballpark, but completely and utterly brilliant at the same time.

In Pursuit of Perfection is a masterpiece of a story—fitting, considering the subject matter. Azula is a painter, Aang is her muse, and together, everything goes absolutely horribly wrong. But, then again, that doesn't really matter when everything is so completely perfect at the same time, too.

A one-shot that will make even the most seasoned readers take a step back and re-evaluate their lives, this story cannot get any higher praise. read more...

Shí Miàn Mái Fú

Shí Miàn Mái Fú is the enticing sixteenth chapter of Fruipit's long-running fanon series Drive-ins, an AU Tokka story set in a modern setting. The events of this particular chapter were long-anticipated and the setting and the overall atmosphere of this chapter were handled beautifully and executed well by the author, making it very much worthy of this month's feature.

Readers found great writing in the comprehensive descriptions and the sound plot development and action that was coordinated together here. Definitely worthy of the praise that it has received, it's clear that this chapter will not leave those who choose to read it disappointed. read more...


Chapter 1: Darkest Hour (DSV)

"Chapter 1: Darkest Hour (DSV)" is the first chapter of the second book of AvatarRokusGhost's iconic series, Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes. To begin the book that will show readers the Fire Nation's most famous siege on Ba Sing Se through the eyes of the now-popular Terra Team soldier, Ratana, the author treats his readers with a beautiful narration to recap his first book and set the time and place in which the story's beloved characters will begin the next chapter of their journeys. Earthbenders and firebenders alike prepare for a battle that will mark a crucial point in the Hundred Year War.

After the success of the story's first book, there should be no doubt that Sieges will be just as enjoyable. If this first chapter is any indication, ARG is about to wow the portal yet again. read more...


The Lost and the Found

Northern palace attacked

"The Lost and the Found" is the well-enjoyed third chapter of Katherine Rebekah's The Legend of Kyo, recently a nominee in the Fanon Awards. The author displays in this chapter that she's not only capable of thinking out a captivating storyline, but that's she's also more than capable of backing it up with some vivid descriptions that pull the reader right in. Her pacing and displayed emotions are right on, making this worthy of the first featured articled spot of 2016. (read more...)

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