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Minnichi Minnichi 4 February

Anonymous Valentine Submissions Are Open!

Send a secret valentine before it's too late! Your love will be featured in the BSST's February-exclusive issue, and we guarantee it'll be oogie-rific.

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Gcheung28 Gcheung28 4 May 2015

SUBMIT YOURS: 20 Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them

How do YOU tell someone that you love them? Do you scream "I LOVE YOU" from the top of your lungs? Would you cast a love spell or concoct a potion? Do you write it out in fl…

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Asnow89 Asnow89 19 December 2014

Create the Ultimate Avatar Menu

In honor of the FINAL season of Legend of Korra, we thought it would be fun to have the Avatar community create the ultimate menu of foods from the Avatar universe. From fire …

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Konfuzij Konfuzij 6 October 2014

Successful start of Legend of Korra in iTunes Store!

Every one knows that LoK was delete from iTunes Store at some period, but within less than 24 hours of Korra’s triumphant return to iTunes, both books 3 and 4 are already in …

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Featured blog posts are blog posts of a high quality written to a professional standard; the newest display together with the latest Avatar news on the main page. Featured blog posts are chosen by the community with the guidance of some basic criteria. They are nominated and voted upon on this page.

Once a user has five of their blog posts attain featured status, they become a featured blogger and may use {{User featured blogger}} on their user page.

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In general, blog posts should be judged on the following criteria:

  • Quality or novelty of idea proposed
  • Clarity of expression and soundness of logic
  • Adherence to the topic of Avatar or Avatar Wiki
  • The "thought provocation" factor


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  1. Users nominate a blog post authored by another user to be featured. Users may not nominate their own blog posts.
  2. Immediately, users may vote {{support}}, {{neutral}} or {{oppose}} to this post being featured, providing a reason for their position.
  3. 24 hours after its nomination, if there have been seven votes overall or more and if there is consensus in favour, the blog post will be featured.
  4. If the two conditions above are not met by the 24 hour mark, voting will continue until there are seven votes overall. If there is consensus in favour, the blog post will be featured then.
  5. If voting is still short of seven votes after two weeks, the blog post will not be featured.


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