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This page is about the Fanonbenders user group. For the fanonbending status, see Fanonbending.
Dai Li agents

Like the Dai Li "protect the cultural heritage of Ba Sing Se", the Fanonbenders protect the quality of the fanon portal.


The Fanonbenders user group is designed to keep the fanon portal at Avatar Wiki up-to-date and to improve its general quality as necessary. This includes, but is not limited to:

Overall, Fanonbenders moderate and update the fanon namespace where normal users would not be permitted by the fanon policy. This user group, however, holds no extra power or authority over any other users.

While this usergroup also targets low quality fanon articles, any user can constructively edit spelling, grammar, image sizes, coding errors, faulty templates and links, or anything else that needs to be improved within a fanon article. All users are encouraged to contribute to the fanon portal in this manner, as involvement creates an active, higher quality, and more positive community overall.

The Fanonbenders were originally created to combat the plethora of low-quality fanon articles circling around the portal Avatar Wiki in May 2011, after a proposal by Rassilon of Old in a forum thread. It was deemed a better approach than 'dumping' it into the targeted authors' userspace, which was the current protocol. In September 2012, however, it was decided that the Fanonbenders would look after all general updates in the portal as well, due to the widespread neglect of the Advertising System, archives, and Fanonbending achievements.

Rules and regulations[]

The Fanonbenders user group has several rules and guidelines that must be followed by all members;

  • All members must check the talk page and membership requests page frequently and contribute as needed.
  • Members must keep a constant eye on the Main Page, and all are responsible for updating or editing wherever it is needed. Any area of neglect should be brought to the groups' attention if a member is unable to due to time restraints/other temporary complications.
  • This user group improves only fanon portal articles. All canon articles are managed by the Fire Sages user group.
  • Along with the members, all users should improve fanon articles, or mark them for improvement on the discussion page as a preference to moving articles to the respective author's user space.
  • Seek to improve fanon articles in one, large edit instead of multiple minor edits.
  • Members who are inactive in their group duties for two months will be removed from the group.
  • Members may not go two months without editing another user's fanon, unless prior notice of an absence was given or if there is a special circumstance.
  • Members must reply to group discussions within two weeks unless prior notice of an absence was given or if there is a special circumstance.
  • Any member who violates these rules or fails to meet the guidelines is subject to being removed from the group.
  • Do not apply to be a Fanonbender if you cannot consistently commit to the portal or feel uncomfortable editing a variety of articles outside your own fanon.

Current members[]

To ensure the success and organization of the Fanonbenders user group, well established fanon editors will be selected to help improve the fanon namespace's current quality.


Please note that inactive members are still part of the Fanonbenders for a limited time.

Current membership requests[]

Archive filingcabinent

Membership requests

If you would like to join the Fanonbenders, please visit the membership requests page.


Main article: Avatar Wiki:Fanonbenders/Contest

Every month, the fanonbenders run a fanon-writing competition. The idea, proposed by Omashu Rocks, is to get people writing, and provide small pieces of feedback for them. It is run from the first of the month, and goes for three weeks. The final week is for the fanonbenders to collaborate, and decide both a winner and the prompt for the next month.


Main article: Avatar Wiki:Fanonbenders/Pages

A list of the current fanonbenders and the pages they hope to help. Used as a way of sorting out who will tackle what when asked for help (see below).

Request help[]

Main article: Avatar Wiki:Fanonbenders/Request Help

If your fanon is in need of a little fixing up, just leave a request for help on the help page!