Joo Dee This page documents an official Avatar Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.

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Like the main canon articles on Avatar Wiki, fanon articles must also be of a high quality and actually contribute to the content of the fanon side of the wiki. All fanon articles should be of an acceptable quality, adhering at least to the basic rules of spelling and grammar, such as capitalizing the first letter of a name and start of each new sentence, and dividing sentences by the use of punctuation. Pieces of fanon that do not meet the quality standards will be subject to relocation of the page to the author's userspace.


Any article that is of low quality or lower will be subject to movement to the author's userspace. This can be done by any user that has come across the article by simply renaming it "User:author's username/article's name that is to be moved". After moving the article, the {{Fanonmoved}} template is to be left on the author's message wall, alerting them that the article has been moved and is no longer considered to be part of the fanon portal. An extra message detailing the exact reason for the page being moved may be left, but is not mandatory. The article is to remain in the author's userspace until the page has expanded and/or brought up to at least a medium standard.

Moved articles are only moved back to the fanon portal at an administrator's discretion. If the author wishes for their article to be moved back to the fanon portal, a message should be left on the administrator noticeboard, notifying the administrators of the article's improvement and inviting them to evaluate the set requirements before possibly moving it back. This procedure is to prevent a constant moving back and forth of low quality articles.

Types of qualities

Hollow articles

Hollow articles are articles that only contain headings and subheadings, and little to no actual content.

Dramatically low quality

As it can be assumed, articles of this standard are not at all acceptable on this wiki. Articles of this quality contain poor grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, and are virtually unreadable.

Dramatically low quality example - katar use her waterbendin a swished it at azula. haha shouted azula u cant get me!!!! katara beceme ferius and bended a grat amount of ise into azula's head. she died and then aang came and said katara you killd her and katara felt bad but she knew she did the rite thing and then zuko sokka toph appa momo suki and iro they comfortd her katara was sad she cried tears of pain sorrow sadnes but most of all simpathy and then aang said akatara are doin okay then katara said yes then they kissed and they are now in love and they get married and live happily ever after the end.

Low quality

Articles of this quality will contain bad grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and/or sentence structure. They do not follow standard English rules on grammar, including dialogue rules, formatting, and syntax.

Low quality exampleozai jetted up into the air. he looked at Aang evilly. Aang Knew this moment would be comin he wacked ozai With a blade of air. But Ozai dodged it and fired litening at Aang. the lightning nearly peersed aang's heart. He jumped into the air and thried to bend a water wave at Ozai. "What do you want Ozai!' yelled aang 'to kill you!" replied Ozai. The battle went on for hous and neither gained the upper hand but eventually aang went into the Avatar State and...
Low quality example two"You did it Aang!" Katara said. "I know." he said "but i still couldn't kill Ozai but that's okay because i didn't have to" Suddenly Sokka and Suki and Toph walked in the room and they were all smiling. "I totally saw that aang, that was totally awesome". suki said, she was really happy that Kyoshi island was okay and Aang too. "I want to go home" Sokka said "I don't" said toph and everyone laughed.

Medium-high quality

Articles that meet at least medium quality will be kept on the wiki. Articles that fall under the category of "high quality" will not only be happily accepted into our wiki, but will also have the chance of becoming a featured fanon article or series, which means it has the chance to be featured on the main page for an entire month after a voting process.

  • Medium quality exampleAang looked back. Azula and her army of rebels was hot on their heels. Appa couldn't keep up with them. They were too fast. Then, all of the sudden, the team turned around, and they saw Azula, who had jetted herself all the way to Appa. Zuko looked in shock as his insane sister started shooting fire at the team. The blue fire nearly hit Aang, so he jumped up, and blasted Azula off the bison. She fell, screaming, though she saved herself, by jetting into the air.
  • High quality exampleAcross the horizon, a thin ripple of a deep crimson, almost indigo, spreads as jet black ink over paper, though a smattering of golden flecks still twinkle, their light dimmed in the coming change. The scarlet moves up through the sky, soaking the darkness of the night away, while at the bottom of the fiery cascade is a barely perceptible orange border. Stealing through night's uncertainties, a single bird cry flashes like thunder over the mountains, a bright dragon hawk's skree, echoing and rebounding, building into an orchestra unto itself. More cries join the first, a chorus heralding the arrival of the emperor who brings light, heat, and life itself.
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