This User Group consists of experienced Fanon Portal writers who will publish a detailed evaluation of your story or author interview upon request. We'll do our best to help your fanon succeed!

Is your fanon unread, unnoticed, or just in need of some advice? Do you wonder for hours and hours every day, wanting to know what makes your fanon shine? Have you needed a bit of motivation, some reception on how your stories are going? Ask these questions no longer!

The Fanon Fact and Review Squad is a user group of knowledgeable fanon authors with extensive writing experience who will delve into your fanon upon request. Get a review from a seasoned veteran, or request an interview for a chance to promote your fanon to the community with some guidance on getting the right angle. Just go to the given request section and drop a link to your story on the schedule of the member of your choice. If your story is good, you’ll probably get lots of new fans.

For a review, once completed, we’ll make a blog post about your fanon, give it some numerical scores based on our criteria of evaluation, and some constructive criticism and advice to improve your story.

For an interview, after reading your story your interviewer will contact you to ask you some questions about your story, your journey in creating it and your general writing process. This will set the stage for your opportunity to engage with the fanon community.


Current Members

A hardworking and very successful member of the fanon portal at Avatar Wiki. Reviews sporadically but will be extremely thorough and fair in your critique. Active
One of the most dedicated—and oldest—writers on the wiki. Has seen the fanon portal through every age, is exceptionally hardworking and punctual. Active
Prolific commenter and dedicated fanon writer and reader. Has read most all of the active series on the fanon portal today, and is always looking to read and review a brand new fanon story. Active
Among the most visible and findable members of the fanon community on Avatar Wiki. Regularly engages in community events and is a go-to guy for newer authors and even veteran ones. Active

Applications to join the Fanon Review Squad are currently closed.


Once you've officially joined, you can add this brilliant little userbox to your profile page:

This user is a member of the
Fanon Research & Review Squad

Just copy and paste {{User Fanon Review Squad}} onto your profile.

Member Responsibilities

Being part of the Fanon Fact and Review Squad isn’t just for fun or socializing. Once you are admitted to the group, you will be in charge of creating and organizing your schedules. There you set the terms and communicate your personal review/interview process to prospective requesters. As long as you are a member, you are required to maintain an active schedule either as a reviewer, as an interviewer, or both. Not every member is required to do reviews, nor are they required to do interviews, but they must do at minimum one of the two. Should you have to go inactive for a time, it is advisable to inform your fellow group members.

  • You are expected, as a member, to be checking the FFRS talk page regularly. Messages will actively come from other members, and sometimes questions from community members with a need to discuss something.
  • If for whatever reason you’re unable to publish blogs for a prolonged period of time, you may be removed after an inactivity period of 2 months at the discretion of the FFRS membership. You may avoid this by announcing a formal resignation from the group at any time. You may also open or close your schedules at your own discretion, as long as at least one remains open.

Resignation Rules

Being a member of Fanon Review Squad can often be challenging, as life is tough and we don't have all the time in the world to be on a tight reviewing schedule. Often, one missed review can lead to another, and sometimes we get so caught up in our reviewing we feel as though we just can't handle the work. If you need to quit the group, that's fine. We understand. However, before leaving, the following two things must be done:

  1. All reviews in your schedule must be complete. You can stop accepting review requests and take as long as you want to get the ones you have done, but we can't just ditch customers who put their fanon down on a schedule.
  2. Please leave a message on our talk page just informing us that you are leaving and preferably also giving the reasoning for your departure.

Then you can go! We'll take care of updating this page accordingly. If you are in an absolute emergency that will include leaving the FRS, tell us and exceptions can be made to the above rules.

So you want your fanon reviewed?

Does your story long for a bit of advice and popularity? Just add a link to your fanon's main page under one of the member's names below, and on the day you request they'll post a review. You can put your fanon down under multiple member's schedules, for multiple reviews, but each member can only review your fanon once. Reviews should be only for active fanons - ones that have yet to be completed. And if you ever see an open date that says "Ba Sing Se Edition", snag it fast! Those reviews will be featured in The Ba Sing Se Times.

  • Potential Review Policy: This rule applies to all potential fanon reviews. Fanons must be long enough to portray the themes, characters, and plot direction. This rule is designed to help the potential fanon reviews, and their authors, in that a lengthier fanon can be better analyzed. If a fanon only has two short chapters, it is nearly impossible to delve into plot progression or character development. As a rule of thumb, 5 chapters is usually adequate for a review. Just think about the content in your story and whether or not the review will be a solid reflection.
  • One-shot Review Policy: This rule applies to all potential one-shot reviews. One-shots will be treated like any other fanon. In order to review to the best extent of our abilities and provide the best insight possible, we ask that one-shots are submitted in the same way as other serial fanons. We do not review singular one-shots. We will treat one-shots in the same way we treat chapters of a serial fanons. If you would like your one-shots to be reviewed, please submit them as part of a series of one-shots, specifically designated and linked together. The reason for this is that it allows the Fanon Review Squad to better analyze the author's writing tendencies over the course of multiple stories. They don't have to be related in any way, but please understand we need to have enough material to write a substantial, in-depth review. Same as in a serial fanon, a series of 5 One-shots is encouraged.
Fanon Reviewing Schedules
Minnichi AvatarRokusGhost

Reviews featured in the BSST are chosen randomly. Beware of this reviewer's delays if you sign up.Smiling Dai Li Sprite

In Progress: Bomochu

Next Requests:

On Hold:

Keep in Mind:

  • I do not take off points based on how much your writing mechanisms differ from mine in particular, nor are you doomed if your grammar isn't perfect. I will only deduct for whatever hindered my experience as your average reader. (Which actually means it could be anything.)
  • Complimentary chapter-by-chapter comments are included with your review ;) I realize that my reviews have more critical content than praise, so to compensate I'll detail what you did well on your fanon pages. Just throwing it out there. (No author minds extra comments, don't deny it :P)
  • If you're interested in any writing tips from me beforehand, you can reference my profile for a list of topics. These only reflect how I personally go about it, though, so don't treat it as universal law and remember to trust yourself, too :)
  • Writing a story about the Dai Li will not get you a better score. (It's been tried.)

Current Review: Book Six: Shadow

Note: My review schedule has no specific dates attached to it, and the speed at which I finish my reviews depends upon the length of the fanon, how busy I am in real life and other factors. Nevertheless, I will make my best effort to complete your review as swiftly as possible. In general, I follow both rules of thumb: a minimum of five chapters and a minimum of five one-shots. If you choose to submit one-shots, you can list any combination of one-shots you like, provided that there are at least five, even if those one-shots are not otherwise related. Ultimately, my goal is to help you improve your story and improve your writing, so I'll pack as much feedback as possible into my reviews. You can check out my blog post on category explanations to see how I review. Roku sprite 01

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Bomochu Tono555



Feel free to add your fanon if there is a free slot under the ‘To-Do’ section. I follow the rule of thumb of having five chapters or five one-shots, but if your one-shot is fairly long I may be inclined to review it individually if you prefer. As for what to expect from me as a reviewer, I try to give insightful and constructive advice about your fanon and writing, which may include specific examples from your story. :)

If you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask. Mbcop-chao7


If you want your fanon reviewed by any of the above members of the FFRS, add a link to their schedule(s).
Dates are first come first serve, and are subject to change.

So you want an author interview?

Fanon Interviewing Schedules
Tono555 AvatarRokusGhost

Hey, fellas. I am fairly active, but may still take some time to get to your interview, especially if I am somewhat occupied at the time. However, I am happy to add you here if you wish.

To do

I am open to the notion of doing a review and an interview simultaneously, to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Naturally, if I am reading a fanon story it would be only a few extra steps to both take notes on the quality and come up with interesting questions at the same time. This does not enable any “cutting in line”, meaning for example if you are the next writer up for an interview from me but the fourth or fifth for a review, asking for both will not fast-track your review in any way. In fact, if there has to be adjustment, it will probably be the other way around. If interested in having both done at once, please message me on my wall, or indicate your intentions in an edit summary when you first request.

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