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Fanon Fact Finders

The Fanon Fact Finders are a group of users from the Avatar Wiki community, who aim to conduct stimulating and original interviews with fanon authors on request. The Fanon Fact Finders hope to give the author's fanon a popularity boost with interviews that will be published in either a blog post, The White Lotus Sentinel or an issue of the Ba Sing Se Times.

To have an interview conducted, just add your fanon to one of the interview schedules below.

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Once you are a member, you can add this nifty template by copying {{User Fanon Fact Finders}} to your userpage.


The FFF is currently not accepting any applications. To see the previous application blog, see here or here for the results.

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Rules and guidelines

This group is not for socializing, and any member found to be using it for such is subject to removal. Inactivity alone is not cause for removal, however to be courteous, please notify the other members and current requesters of the period you plan to be inactive for. Communication is a must, and any unexpected actions, such as resignations, must be conveyed to the other members.

  • If you are planning to resign, please complete your interviews. New requests can be refused, however to be fair to those who have signed up, they must be conducted unless an alternative agreement can be made.
  • Please publish interviews on the specified date. If you are unable to meet a date, ask for help!

Guidelines for Interviewers
In order to make the interviews as interesting as possible, a minimum of twelve (12) questions are required for stories with more than one chapter, and a minimum of eight (8) questions for authors of one-shots. Also, please remember that the interview is about fanon, and so the questions should mostly talk about the story being questioned, and the author's other works. Other unrelated questions may be posed as closing questions at the end.

Interviews can be conducted on Avatar Wiki's internet relay chat channel or via alternate private message options.

Guidelines for Interviewees
It's always exciting being asked about your story, and being given free range to just waffle on; however to make it easier on the interviewers, who have to think up original and intriguing questions, you cannot ask for multiple interviews at a time. For this reason, you may also only request to be interviewed by a member once for a single story. You can have your first interview at any time during the publication of your fanon. In order for new content to be made available, there is also a time limit between interviews. Currently, you must have published a further five (5) chapters before requesting a new interview.

It's important to let your interviewer know if you are unable to make the interview in time. If, for some reason, you are unable to meet the designated time, they will then move onto the next interview until they can interview you. If you have not let the interviewer know, and have not responded to the questions within a week, it's up to the interviewers' discretion as to whether or not the request is still valid; they may choose to delete the questions, in which case you will have to wait for a new slot.

Resignation guidelines
If you have interviews and haven't completed them for two weeks, you can be marked 'inactive'. If that's the case, you need to tell the users who have signed up for an interview that you are inactive, and it may take longer than anticipated to get to their interview. They're always welcome to sign up with someone else.

Two months after being marked inactive and you haven't been able to get back into interviewing, then you can be removed from the group. However, it will not be done without contacting said user beforehand to figure out something else. If it is decided that resignation would be best, the interviews you still have will need to be completed, however there is no pressure.

If you have resigned, one interview needs to be completed every two months, because otherwise it becomes very difficult to actually get them done, and other interviewers may not be able to pick up the slack. The interviewees may not want a different user, either, so it's important to keep them in the loop as to what is happening.

Do you want an interview?

Fanon Fact Finders Schedules
[[User:|]] Tono555

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Hey, fellas. I am fairly active, but may still take some time to get to your interview, especially if I am somewhat occupied at the time. However, I am happy to add you here if you wish.

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[[User:|]] [[User:|]]
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To Do:

If you want to be interviewed by any of the above members of the FFF, add a link to their schedule(s).
Dates are first come first serve, and are subject to change.
Former members
  1. Bahjy1 (wall)
  2. KataraLover (wall)
  3. Kyoshidude (wall)
  4. Henryjh98 (wall)
  5. Iceland77 (wall)
  6. MateyY (wall)
  7. Master Ratava (wall)
  8. Omar067 (wall)
  9. PreservationsWings (wall)
  10. Snip101 (wall)
  11. TechFilmer (wall)
  12. Zhao's Fanboy (wall)
  13. Fruipit (wall)
  14. The Snowbold (wall)
  15. ByBray (wall)
  16. ATLALOK (wall)
  17. Duke of Skibbington (wall)
  18. Snivystorm (wall)

Past interviews

These are all the interviews which have been conducted by current members. To view every single interview which has taken place, go here.

Special events

FFF has several events that they do. Some are listed below. Users may suggest changes to current events, or ideas for new ones on the talk page.

Fanon Fact Finders' Users' Choice Interviews

See more here.

The Fanon Fact Finders' Users' Choice Interviews, or the FFF:UCI, is a special yearly event thought of by Master Ratava. Members will nominate a fanon they wish to interview, and the selections will then be put to the community, who will vote on the interview they want to see. The Fact Finders will then get together and all interview the one author. This user will have their interview in a special blog post, and will receive a nifty little userbox, announcing that they received the Users' Choice Interview! Interviewers are shown below.

Monthly Questionnaire

A proposed event whereby a member of the Fact Finders submits several questions to fans in every second issue of the WLS. The members take it in turns to submit these questions, and readers of the newsletters submit their answers in the comments

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