Joo Dee This page documents an official Avatar Wiki policy.

It is a widely accepted standard that should normally be followed by all editors.

The main way for users on the Avatar Wiki to converse with one another about virtually anything is our local Chat. It is the place to be in case you need help with a wiki-related issue or if you just want to chat with other Avatar Wikians from our diverse community.


Although we try to keep the Avatar Wiki as open and accessible to all as possible, with no restrictions to acceptable conversational topics, there are a few rules to consider:

  • No personal attacks, insults or other forms of harassment. Any form of behavior that others on the channel find offensive or hurtful is discouraged. Common sense is emphasized. Everyone else on chat is a Wikia user just like you. Speak to them as you would want to be spoken to yourself. Real people use these sites, so treat them as you would someone in person.
  • Be mindful of other users. Not everyone is comfortable talking about certain topics. If another user brings up an issue, be respectful and consider changing the topic or moving it to private message.
  • Sexual comments must not be targeted toward any user under the age of sixteen (16). There is a time and a place for everything, and while we encourage freedom in communication, targeting users who are known to be under the age of sixteen with sexually explicit material or comments will not be tolerated.
  • Don't flood or disrupt the chatroom. Doing so makes communication difficult. This includes (but is not limited to) typing random letters, typing each word of a sentence on a different line, creating ASCII art, or lines in ALL CAPS.
  • Assume good faith - Since chat is open for anyone, users of all skill levels and opinions are welcome to participate. There may be users who are unfamiliar with what being in a joint chatroom is like - assume that these users want to be a part of the discussion and that any mistake they make is just that - a mistake. Be kind and patient in your correction and offer education to them. In addition to assuming good faith, encourage others to assume good faith by demonstrating your own good faith.

If a user bothers you, feel free to block their private messages. If you are blocked from PMing someone, it means they do not want to talk to you there. Please respect their wishes. Administrators and chatmods cannot monitor PMs, and we do not accept screenshots (because they can be faked). So while it is okay to report a PM problem, simply blocking PMs is best. If many people in the channel are having the same issue, then please report that to the chatmods.

Other than common sense, there are no other restrictions, including on topics of discussion. Users may talk about any subject in any way they wish if no user participating on the channel at the time indicates, with justifiable reasoning, that they are uncomfortable with the subject or the language being utilized. However, sometimes the chatmods may ask you to move on from a topic. This might be because it is likely to cause argument (like some religion or politics conversations) or make the environment uncomfortable to others (like using the chatroom as a dating site or canoodling nook). Please listen to the mods and participants of the chat and drop a topic if you are asked to.

If a user is found to consistently disregard chat rules, the user will be warned on the channel, and continued unacceptable behavior will result in the user being kicked or temporarily banned from the chat. So at all times, please comply with administrators and chatmoderator requests.

If you feel that a moderator or administrator has been unfair, then you should bring this up with that moderator via PM and be sure to clearly explain why you feel that way. If that does not help, you can contact an administrator via the admin noticeboard.

URL: chatbot

To help the chatmoderators with conflict resolution and making an informed, objective decision, the Avatar Wiki chat has a chatbot in place, URL, whose sole task is to log the conversation happening in the main window of chat. The logs of this bot are stored on a private wiki and are only accessible to the administrators and chatmods in case of conflict where no moderator was present.