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Oma's father Omu ruled Lan City as an entitled noble similar to the Chou brothers until Wan became the bridge between the worlds and led the spirits away from the human world. The Lion Turtles declared that they would no longer grant the elements to humans who left their cities on the turtles' backs in order to build civilizations of their own. Unfortunately, the denizens of Lan City are far from an era of peace.

Omu hoarded most of the resources to himself and believed that he had the right to rule. The lead hunter Zhong would not stand for this, believing that Omu's rule was outdated and that the people who poured their blood and sweat into their civilization had the right to rule. This led to them founding two separate villages on opposite sides of a mountain range. Seven years have passed and Omu and Zhong's desires to rule each other has led to an all out war. Omu's daughter Oma is fed up with her father's customs and runs away while General Shu from Zhong Village is separated from his comrades after a battle. The two meet on the mountain tops and are unaware that this event will not only change their lives but the lives of their fellow villagers as well.

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The Next Avatar

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The newest Beifong, Linda, is the daughter of Opal Beifong and Bolin. Already showing remarkable talent in Earthbending, it was no surprise for the Beifong family when her identity as the new Avatar was revealed. But Linda never wanted to be the Avatar. She never wanted to be treated differently then her friends.

So what did she do?

She disappeared. Read more!>

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