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Avatar: Macai's Journey

Young Macai, son of General Eyre, is trying to live up to his family name by becoming one of the greatest Fire Nation leaders of all time. His father constantly pushes him to be the best warrior and officer he possible can be. Despite this, Macai has an internal conflict within him that he will need to overcome to be his best self.

Macai has also romantically fallen for Princess Azula of the Fire Nation. This attraction gives Ozai a reason to use Macai as his own personal tool. Ozai doesn't care for the relationship but, seeks to test Macai to see how useful he might be in the future.

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Keys of Air

Jinora has been playing piano since she was four. Now she plays professionally at age fourteen, earning money for her struggling family. Her family owns a bison sanctuary, but they might have to sell it to help her and her siblings attend good collages, and just to stay afloat. Jinora makes a gamble, entering herself in a worldwide competition with a three hundred dollar entrance fee. It just may be worth it, though, considering the winner gets two-thousand dollars, as well as a baby grand piano. However, it could also just sink her family farther into ruin... Read more!>

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