Avatar Wiki aims to be a truly multilingual network of community sites with strong ties to each other. It is expanding all the time, not just in terms of articles and registered users, but also in terms of languages covered.

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Active editions of Avatar Wiki can currently be found in the following languages.

Need help

The following editions of Avatar Wiki are active, but currently need help with content.


Avatar Wiki is looking for volunteers to adopt the following wikis. Potential volunteers should contact an administrator.

No wiki in your language?

Obviously, we're looking to expand our network of wikis. You can create a wiki right now in your language by clicking on the button to the right. Simply enter "Avatar" as a wiki name, "avatar" as your domain name and set the language you want. After you have created your wiki, please contact an administrator and we will add you to the network list.


The majority of wikis will have a unified styling; that is, each wiki should look similar, and should only be different in terms of language. This means that every wiki's CSS stylesheet will be similar, unless the local language version admin(s) prefers otherwise. This means that local language version admins can work with their community on content, the most important part of the wiki.

If you have issues with your local CSS, or you want some help changing local CSS, you can contact an administrator.

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