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List of affiliates
  • The Amagi – A YouTube channel dedicated to providing in depth videos about Avatar (among other fandoms), ranging from tackling FAQs, to covering the new releases, and "history of" videos.
  • A:TLA Annotations – A high quality blog providing a cultural guide to the Avatar universe.
  • Avatar The Last Airbender Online – Updates, news, and opinions on both the TV series and the film adaptation.
  • Avatar Page Admins – A central page for various Avatar Pages on Facebook.
  • Avatar Roleplay Wiki (ARPW) – Having taken the world of Avatar, based about one hundred and seventy years in the future from the time of Avatar Korra, this wiki offers a venue to live out your own ideas about life in Republic City.
  • r/TheLastAirbender - The main Avatar forum on Reddit, covering the whole franchise. Includes news on upcoming content, resources for diving deeper into the universe, discussions, fan art and more!
  • r/LegendOfKorra (Discord) - The Legend of Korra subreddit.
  • EstadoAvatar – Spanish-language Avatar blog.
  • Mundo Avatar – Brazilian Avatar fan site created in 2007. Largest Avatar fan site in Latin America.
  • Avatar: The Four Elements – Dutch site dedicated to the original Avatar: The Last Airbender TV series, its film adaptation, The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra. The site has its very own and popular forum, and allows visitors to watch episodes from the Avatar franchise in both Dutch and English.
  • CARTOON lounge – CARTOON Lounge is a nice, fun server where you can meet friends and chat about your favorite cartoons! We host regular events and have a great staff and interesting people to talk to.