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"I've spent a lot of time on the Avatar fan wiki. It's extraordinary. You could live there for a year and never come out again. There's so much hard work put into that."
Janet Varney, voice of Korra, about her experience reading the Avatar Wiki while preparing to host a podcast.

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Beach Wars is a comic short written and drawn by Meredith McClaren. It was released by Dark Horse Comics on May 7, 2022 as a part of Free Comic Book Day.

Korra, Asami, and the rest of Team Avatar are having a nice, relaxing day at the beach ... until Katara and Toph incite an all-out prank war.

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Air Nomads is the collective term for the monastic order of men and women who practice the discipline of airbending and the pacifistic ethics of their theocratic society. One of the four nations, the Air Nomads were wanderers by definition, but had four air temples, one located at each corner of the globe, found atop mountain ranges and under cliffs, in the northern Earth Kingdom and on three remote islands, all of which were hard for outsiders to reach. Unlike the other nations, those born to the Air Nomads were, without any seen exception, all benders due to the high level of spirituality of their people.

The Air Nomads were a peaceful race who were wiped out by the Fire Nation. They lived in large temples and travelled the world on flying bison. They were the most spiritual of all the cultures and lived in harmony with nature. Their culture valued both altruism and detachment from wealth and worldly affairs, and their relationship with the other nations varied between different eras. In some periods, they were almost completely isolationist in fear of being led astray by the often violent paths of other nations, while in other ages, they forged close ties with foreign governments in order to provide aid and help as many people as they could.

In 0 AG, the Air Nomads were the victims of a genocide at the hands of the Fire Nation. Ironically, the sole known survivor of the massacre was the very person the Fire Nation sought to kill in its quest for supremacy: the twelve-year-old airbender and Avatar, Aang.

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The Avatar Wiki is never complete and could always still be improved upon. Unsure where and how to start? Don't hesitate to ask your fellow editor or an administrator or check out the community to-do list:
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  • Kyoshi novels — Creation of chapter pages of the novels and the updating/creation of pages for people, locations, creatures, and events that are dealt within the novels.

Before starting to edit, make sure to give our Avatar Wiki:Manual of Style and our Avatar Wiki:S.O.S. editing guide a lookover.

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