Avatar The Last Airbender Online is a site dedicated to the original Avatar: The Last Airbender TV series, its film adaptation, The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra. The site administrator states his opinions on some of these topics.

The administrator of the site, known as "admin" in site comments, has previously participated in a "round-table" discussion with M. Night Shyamalan and has made available audio recordings of the discussion on the site.

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"Avatar The Last Airbender Online is dedicated to the incredible TV Show Avatar The Last Airbender. Avatar The Last Airbender surprised and enthralled Millions of viewers both young and old, and is renowned for it's Striking Visuals, Fantastic, Creative, Awesome Martial Arts scenes, and other fabulous parts of Avatar The Last Airbender which in my opinion make it the Best Cartoon in it's class, if not the best TV show ever made!

"Hopefully can pay a lasting tribute to the fantastic show and be a place for fans of the show and those new to Avatar to learn more about Avatar and relive the awesome storyline and episodes."

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Logo for Avatar The Last Airbender Online.

"This group prides itself on being one of, if not the, friendliest Avatar Fansite out there, we have and amazing group of open minded and passionate Avatar Fans who are very welcoming and knowledgeable. This community has so much for you to do, from discussing the shows and comics, to joining in on the various Community games like Trivia and Hangman or even listening to the sites very own Avatar Podcast run by members of this site for all Avatar fans."

"If you want a positive and fun place to talk Avatar, this is most certainly it!"

—Taken from the "About" page on the website.

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