Avatar MUSH is a multiplayer online role-playing game developed by a group of Avatar fans to allow players to engage in text based real time role play with other Avatar fans worldwide. It is set in the time period of Republic City and is free to play.


Avatar MUSH was developed by an all volunteer project team over the course of seven months beginning in January 2010 and opened for Beta testing that July. Repeated server issues, however, resulted in unreliability of connectivity to the game until final resolution in December 2010. The game celebrated its first anniversary on September 20, 2011. The game is once more open, re-vamped by Project Head Kitai, offering free to play online text based roleplay with systems that enrich the environment.


Avatar MUSH: Republic City takes place right before Meelo's birth. The city is established but still bursting with new innovations. There are many uncertainties without the Avatar around, and so the world looks forward to the future with hope.

Subscription information

From its inception, Avatar MUSH and all its associated content was free to play. Costs related to the server were borne by the project team and donations were discouraged.



A game poster was distributed in December 2010 to increase new player participation.

Avatar MUSH is played from a first person perspective and controlled through use of the keyboard. Because the software used was the precursor to the MMORPG, it was plain text only, featuring color but no graphical content. Players used command prompts and text to explain their actions to the other players present in the same location. Cooperative social story telling was strongly encouraged; however, an elemental bending combat system existed for resolution of differences between players. Generally, most combat occurred during chapter events in which player characters acted as the protagonists against threats and challenges generated by the project team. Success or failure in these events was determined by a dice roll modified by each player character's customizable build. Players improved on their build by earning rewards points through participation in chapter events and from votes for exceptional story telling by other players.


All four nations were initially available in the game, with players able to start as apprentice or novice level benders. Adept level benders are unlockable through sufficient reward points earned or three months of participation. Master level benders could only be attained via reward points garnered through gameplay. Weapon masters, hand to hand specialists and secondary elements (ice, lightning, and metal) were also available. All players initially started with the same amount of points to spend on their build in character generation.

Project team

Avatar MUSH was directed by lead developer Kitai who acted as the primary coder and server owner. He was supported by player conflict resolution manager Nyssa. Both members had been with the game since inception. The team was completed by lead members in quests and role-play, Wiki/VI, and character generation.

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