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Long Feng and Dai Li agents
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The Starter Set of Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game was released on February 26, 2023.[1] At first, it was sold exclusively at Target in the United States,[3][4] though it became available internationally in other stores from April 12, 2023. The adventurers included in the Starter Set became available separately through Demiplane and Drivethrurpg on September 21, 2023.[5]


The Starter Set includes a rule booklet, dice, a map, combat cards, reference sheets,[4] playbooks with pre-generated characters,[3][6] and an adventure booklet.[4] The rules and "player aids" of the Starter Set will be slimmed-down compared to those in the Core Book.[7]

The Starter Set's adventure booklet includes two adventures.[4][8]



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