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Avatar Korra Park,[1] formerly known as Republic City Park,[2] is a large recreational area located in Republic City's central peninsula. A small unit of park officials monitor the area and enforce its bylaws, one being that fishing on the park grounds is strictly prohibited. Due to Republic City's high levels of poverty, the park has come to serve as residence for a large number of vagabonds, such as Gommu. Following the events of the Insurrection of the Red Lotus, the park was renamed in honor of Avatar Korra.[1]

Public gatherings, such as anti-bending protests, are often orchestrated within the park, as the grounds are frequented by many citizens.[3] The park is also popular with couples who wish to take romantic strolls, as the scenery and serene atmosphere give the area a romantic air.

Despite its problems, Avatar Korra Park is widely regarded as the perfect place for a momentary escape from the fast-paced bustle of Republic City.[2]


Avatar Korra and her polar bear dog, Naga, stopped by Republic City Park after arriving in the capital. As the young Avatar had no yuans to exchange for food, she settled for fishing in the park's pond. While Korra was using her firebending to cook some fish she had caught, a vagabond emerged from his bush asking if he could have one of the three "tasty-smelling fishies" she had caught. She granted his request and, trying to make conversation during their awkward meal, learned that the man was living in a nearby bush and that there were many more vagabonds like him in the city. This confused Korra, as she thought that everyone in the capital was "living it up", a statement to which Gommu responded with laughter. After telling her that she had a lot to learn, he formally welcomed her to Republic City.

Soon after, a park official appeared and informed Korra that fishing in the park was prohibited. He attempted to chase the Avatar; however, she easily escaped on Naga.

A protester led anti-bending protests in the park.

After escaping the park official, Korra encountered a protester who was promoting the Equalist movement. This man was attempting to persuade passersby in the park to join Amon in his cause when Korra challenged his bold remarks about bending being "tyrannical". Quickly singling her out as a bender herself, the protester used Korra's hotheaded attitude to his advantage and gained the support of the crowd when he alleged that benders like her "only use their power to oppress" nonbenders. Unable to come up with a better response to refute these accusations, Korra claimed that he was "oppressing [himself]" before she rode away on Naga.[3]

While in search of Bolin, Korra and Mako went to Republic City Park in hopes of running into the protester that Korra encountered previously. The two remained at the park overnight and woke up to the protester's anti-bending outcries. Korra and Mako discovered that Amon was orchestrating an Equalist gathering that night called "The Revelation" after examining the posters that the protester was distributing. Before they could ask the protester of the meeting's location, a park official arrived at the scene and demanded to know what they were doing. The two promptly made a hasty retreat on Naga.[4]

Hiroshi Sato addressed the citizens of Republic City in the park after the Equalists successfully overthrew the United Republic Council.

After the Equalists took over Republic City, Hiroshi Sato held a special rally for the Equalists' supporters in the park. He announced to the attendees that Amon had successfully overthrown the United Republic Council and proclaimed that the Equalists would defeat the incoming United Forces fleet.

During the battle for Republic City, Korra and Mako dressed as Equalist chi-blockers in order to gain entrance to an Equalist rally. They turned away from the assembly and walked through the park. At a clearing, Korra bent a large rock away, revealing a hole that led to the sewer network in which many vagabonds resided.[5]

By 174 AG, the park had become a popular place for citizens to relax and practice t'ai chi ch'uan on the grassy fields. Asami came to the park to gather her bearings after a visit to her father in the Republic City prison. Upon witnessing a father playing Pai Sho with his daughter, she was reminded how she used to be with her father and decided to give Hiroshi another chance.[6]


By 174 AG, a statue of Avatar Korra was erected in the park.

The park is abundant in greenery and landscaped with small hills, deciduous trees, and impeccably kept grass. A pond stretches along the park's entirety, with stone arched bridges built over the surface to allow easy passage.[3] Fish and other fauna such as turtle ducks can be found in the waters of the park's pond.[7] It is typical to see people playing Pai Sho, practicing tai chi, or standing on a soapbox to give their opinion.[8] Sometime after the defeat of the Red Lotus, a statue of Avatar Korra was erected in her honor.[1]

Notable figures


  • Avatar Korra Park was inspired by Central Park in New York.[9]
  • The park bears some resemblance to Hyde Park in London, which is famous for its Speaker's Corner, an area where anyone can stand up and speak to the public.
  • The stance of Korra's statue is very similar to Aang's on Aang Memorial Island and Korra's own pose next to Aang's statue in the opening sequence.
    • When deciding on the design for the statue, Bryan Konietzko was dissatisfied with the original iteration, instead deciding to use the drawing of Korra in a heroic pose from the opening sequence.[10]


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