Avatar: The Last Airbender Plug It In & Play TV Game is a game developed and produced by Jakks Pacific. When connected to a television set, the user is able to play a pre-defined selection of video games. The single unit consists of two buttons A and B, colored blue and red respectively, and a joystick on the top. The game is based on Book One of Avatar: The Last Airbender and includes six different types of games with the main characters.


Avatar Adventure

"Help navigate Aang across the Northern Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation. Boldly and skillfully maneuver Aang through various terrains."

This is a platform game. The playable character is Aang, and the objective is to defend the Water Tribes, fighting at the end of each stage with Zuko, King Bumi, and Jet. On the road to the Northern Water Tribe, Aang will find tiger seals while collecting Air Tokens and using his glider staff.

This game has four stages:

  • Southern Water Tribe - Final battle with Zuko
  • Omashu - Final battle with Bumi
  • Jet's Forest - Final battle with Jet
  • Northern Water Tribe - Final battle with Zuko

Appa's Air Blitz

"Help Aang, Sokka and Katara fly Appa into a battle against the Fire Nation blimps, battleships and floating citadels."

This game is a side-scrolling shooter with four stages. The objective is to destroy the Fire Nation fleet and all the airships and catapults with Appa's airbending abilities and dodging the fireballs. Appa has to take Air Nomad Tokens and other bonus items.

Zuko's Fire Blast

"Zuko must use his wits to pass through each training room. Help him complete his preparation by directing the correct number of blazing fireballs at the door. Help Zuko complete his training!"

This is a logic game with fifteen stages. The goal of Zuko's Fire Blast is to help Zuko complete each room by directing the right number of fireballs at the door. Zuko has to guide fireballs at the door to unlock the next room, with both beneficial and detrimental items.

Kyoshi Dojo Dash

"Sokka is training with the Warriors of Kyoshi. Follow the onscreen prompts and hit the correct buttons as they pass trough the appropriate icons."

The goal of this game is to help Sokka train with Suki, doing Kyoshi Warriors movements. It plays like a dance game. The player has to hit the arrow as it passes through the icon to help Sokka train. Sokka will mimic the moves of the trainer Suki. Each one of the stages has three parts of training and one part of competition.

Penguin Sledding

"Help Katara ride the Penguin through the challenging courses around the Southern Water Tribe's home. Attempt to get faster and faster as you master your moves on the slippery slopes!"

Penguin sledding is a skiing game, whose goal is for the player to reach the finish line. The playable character is Katara on an otter penguin; she has to collect tokens to replenish time and fish tokens to keep the otter penguin healthy.

Sokka's Boomerang Challenge

"Help Sokka perfect his boomerang skills and Aang practice his airbending powers. Control the throws through Aang's powerful vortex that pulls in and guides the boomerang!"

This is a game of skill with fifteen stages. Sokka has to throw the boomerang and burst all the balloons with the help of Aang, who uses airbending to control the boomerang. The objective of the game is burst all the balloons and collect air tokens for bonus points.

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