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This article is about the real world.
This article is about the Weiß Schwarz collectible card game. For the Upper Deck Company trading card game, see Avatar: The Last Airbender Trading Card Game.
Weiß Schwarz

Avatar: The Last Airbender collectible card game.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a collectible card game developed and produced by Bushiroad as part of Weiß Schwarz TCG. It was released on June 16, 2023 as an English Edition Original.[1][2]


Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished.

Join Aang and his friends in his adventure to master the elements and stop the Fire Nation from their conquest!


The products will be available for sale in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, Vietnam, the US, and Portugal.

Booster Pack[]

The cards in this Booster Pack may be used together with cards that have card numbers beginning with 「ATLA/」. The pack includes SP (Special) cards with Unique Hot Stamps and ATR (Avatar Rare).[2]

  • 9 cards per pack, 16 packs per display
  • 18 displays per carton
  • 1 of 5 exclusive PR cards in every display box!
  • 4 exclusive rubber playmats in every carton!

Trial Deck+[]

Trial Deck+

Trial Deck+.

The cards in this Trial Deck+ may be used together with cards that have card numbers beginning with 「ATLA/」. Every deck contains 2 shiny cards. Every deck also has a chance to contain one out of three rare cards with special embossing; or one special rare card with special embossing and hot stamp.[3]

  • 19 types of cards + 6 types (Parallel)
  • 50 cards per deck, 6 decks per display
  • 8 displays per carton

Supply Set[]

The cards in this Supply Set may be used together with cards that have card numbers beginning with 「ATLA/」. Each supply set provides the necessary supplies to protect, store, and transport decks. Each supply set also includes a bonus PR card and 5 booster packs. Each set contains the following:[4]

  • 1x deck case: Size: 98 x 75 x 65mm. Holds up to:
    • 75x Double-Sleeved Cards
    • 65x Triple-Sleeved Cards
    • Estimated with with most inner/outer sleeves
  • 1 Pack of 60x sleeves made specifically for Weiß Schwarz cards:
    • Size: 67 x 92mm, front: Transparent
    • Back: 5C (4C+White)
    • Can be used in official tournaments
  • 5x Booster Pack
  • 1x Special PR Pack (1 of 5 exclusive designs)


This is a list of available cards:[5][6][7][8]

  • Aang & Katara: Expressing Affection
  • Aang & Momo: Relaxing (two variants)
  • Aang & Zuko: Unexpected Cooperation (two variants)
  • Aang: Avatar State (two variants)
  • Aang: Attacking With Water
  • Aang: Blending In (two variants)
  • Aang: Building a Zoo
  • Aang: Cheerful Airbender
  • Aang: Consulting His Past Selves
  • Aang: Firebending Misfire
  • Aang: Learning Avatar State (two variants)
  • Aang: Master of All Elements (two variants)
  • Aang: Missing Companion (two variants)
  • Aang: Protecting Ba Sing Se
  • Aang: The Boy Trapped In Ice (two variants)
  • Aang: The Importance of Forgiveness
  • Aang: The Last Airbender (two variants)
  • Aang: Trapped in a Cave
  • Aang: Wavering Confidence
  • Admiral Zhao: Killing the Moon Spirit
  • Appa & Momo: Samurai Battle
  • Appa: Flying Bison (two variants)
  • Appa: Lost
  • Appa: Ready to Fight
  • Azula: Sinister Scheme
  • Azula: Talented Sister (two variants)
  • Azula: Verge of Insanity (two variants)
  • Bumi: An Old Friend
  • Chibi Aang (two variants)
  • Chibi Katara (two variants)
  • Chibi Sokka (two variants)
  • Chibi Toph (two variants)
  • Chibi Zuko (two variants)
  • Colors of Fire (two variants)
  • Dai Li Agents
  • Ember Island Players: Casting Horrors
  • Ember Island Players: Melodramatic
  • Ember Island Players: Played by a Man
  • Ember Island Players: Scar On the Wrong Side
  • Ember Island Players: Terrible Jokes
  • Energy Bending (two variants)
  • Failure to Protect
  • Falling Out
  • Frozen in Action
  • Fury of the Ocean Spirit (three variants)
  • Gyatso: Mentor
  • Hama: Blood Bender
  • Healing Lessons
  • Invention of Metalbending (two variants)
  • Iroh: Buffed
  • Iroh: Fatherly Figure
  • Iroh: Leaves From the Vine
  • Iroh: Lightning (two variants)
  • Iroh: Order of the White Lotus
  • Iroh: Stern Warning
  • Iroh: Tea Server (two variants)
  • Iroh: The Dragon of the West (three variants)
  • Jet & Freedom Fighters
  • Jet: Manipulated
  • Joo Dee: Welcome to Ba Sing Se (three variants)
  • Katara & Aang: Reciprocated Feelings (two variants)
  • Katara & Sokka: Siblings
  • Katara's Necklace
  • Katara: Confrontation (two variants)
  • Katara: Desire to Help (three variants)
  • Katara: Experienced Fighter (two variants)
  • Katara: Fire Nation Disguise
  • Katara: High Society
  • Katara: New Necklace
  • Katara: No Chance Given (two variants)
  • Katara: Playing With Water
  • Katara: Protecting Aang (three variants)
  • Katara: Quick Thinker (two variants)
  • Katara: Saving Aang (two variants)
  • Katara: Vengeful (two variants)
  • Koh: The Face Stealer
  • Lion Turtle
  • Long Feng: Grand Secretariat
  • Lord Ozai
  • Mai: Betrayal
  • Mai: Moody (two variants)
  • Momo: Loneliness
  • Momo: Winged Lemur (two variants)
  • Reunion With the Group
  • Siblings' Agni Kai (two variants)
  • Skillful Display (two variants)
  • Sokka: Cactus Juice (two variants)
  • Sokka: Fire Nation Disguise
  • Sokka: First Love
  • Sokka: Offering Different Perspectives (two variants)
  • Sokka: Ship Steering
  • Sokka: Warm Welcome (two variants)
  • Sokka: Warrior of the Southern Water Tribe (two variants)
  • Space Sword
  • Spirit Water (two variants)
  • Struck Down (two variants)
  • Stuck in a Blizzard
  • Suki: Coming to the Rescue
  • Suki: Kiyoshi Warrior (two variants)
  • Tea Wisdom (three variants)
  • Team Avatar (promo card)
  • There's No War in Ba Sing Se
  • Toph & Aang: Earthbending Lessons (two variants)
  • Toph: Childhood
  • Toph: High Society (two variants)
  • Toph: Melon Lord
  • Toph: Metalbending (two variants)
  • Toph: Prankster
  • Toph: Sleep Deprived
  • Toph: Spa Day (two variants)
  • Toph: Stopping Library From Sinking (two variants)
  • Toph: The Blind Bandit (three variants)
  • Toph: Wanted (two variants)
  • Tui & La
  • Ty Lee: Betrayal
  • Ty Lee: Popular (two variants)
  • Xin Fu & Master Yu: Trapped by Metal
  • Yip-Yip!
  • Yue: Moon Spirit
  • Zuko & Aang: The Dancing Dragon (two variants)
  • Zuko & Iroh: Forgiveness (two variants)
  • Zuko & Mai: In Their Own World (two variants)
  • Zuko: Agni Kai (two variants)
  • Zuko: Awkward Greeting
  • Zuko: Crossroads (two variants)
  • Zuko: Empathy
  • Zuko: For Honor (two variants)
  • Zuko: Near the Campfire
  • Zuko: On the Run (two variants)
  • Zuko: Redirecting Lightning
  • Zuko: Tea Server (two variants)
  • Zuko: Trapped in a Cave

Production notes[]


  • One of Suki's cards mispells Kyoshi Warrior as "Kiyoshi Warrior".


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