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Avatar: The Last Airbender – Bobble Battles is a video game based on the first and second seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The characters are portrayed in the same "chibi" style used in the Super Deformed Shorts.


Your favorite cartoon is now an epic game! From the attack on the Northern Water Tribe to the siege of Ba Sing Se, it's up to you to decide the outcome of your favorite battles as you command the armies of the Water Tribe, Earth Nation, and even the Fire Nation in this unique strategy game! Fun for the whole family.[1]


Bobble Battles Map

The map that brings the player to the different parts of the game is similar in design to the one used in the series.

Players must journey through the first two seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender, starting when Aang was discovered in an iceberg through Team Avatar's travels to Ba Sing Se. Players are able to create forts and build their army to help them in the battles, play as the main characters and their allies, or even play as Fire Nation forces through eighteen different levels.


The game is played with mouse and keyboard.

  • Keyboard
  • Arrow keys — Move the camera on the screen.
  • Spacebar — Follow the active characters' movement.
  • Mouse
  • Scroll — Zoom in/out the camera on the screen.
  • Left-click — Activate the clicked object (character or building).
  • Hold left key and drag — Activate the selected objects (characters).


The game is divided into four parts: Water, Earth, Fire, and Timeline. The first three parts have six levels, with each referring to an episode from the series. The last part, Timeline, is a compilation of all levels, arranged as the series runs. The nationality of the troops will differ depending on the level one plays.

Book One: Water

Bobble Battles Water

These are the levels available on Book One: Water. The player must finish the tutorial chapter to unlock this book.

Return of the Avatar — "Sokka and Katara are hanging around outside the village when they see a ray of light coming from the water. They must go and investigate this mystery."

  • The game begins with Katara spotting a ray of light somewhere near the village. Sokka and Katara attempt to find the origin of the light, only to discover the Avatar as being the source. The playable nation is the Water Tribe, with the original Team Avatar as the controllable heroes. Players can win the level if all of the objectives to defeat the Fire Nation are completed. This level is based on the episodes "The Boy in the Iceberg" and "The Avatar Returns".

Warriors of Kyoshi — "The Fire Nation is following the path of the Avatar, which has brought them to Kyoshi Island. Help Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors repel the enemies."

Imprisoned — "Every earthbender of a small village has been arrested and brought to a Fire Nation prison barge. Rescue and escort them back to their village."

  • The level opens with Aang and Sokka as the heroes. They have to fight the Fire Nation soldiers and find Katara, along with the Earth Kingdom earthbenders. After finding Katara at the end of the prison barge, the team have to go back to the port and help the earthbenders get home safely. This level is based on "Imprisoned".

The Water Scroll — "A waterbending scroll is hidden in a Fire Nation camp and Katara wants it. Get her in the camp to find the scroll and bring her back safely with it."

  • The level is set in the Southern Water Tribe, with a complete troop of warriors ready to fight. The first objective is to bring Katara to the camp, however the Fire Nation army have arrested her before she could reach the camp. The level ends with a victory if players manage to bring Katara back. This level is based on "The Waterbending Scroll", however, the plot has several major differences from the actual episode, with a differing setting and the pirates do not appear in the game.

Northern Water Tribe Pt. 1 — "A massive army of the Fire Nation is landing on the shore near the Northern Water Tribe. You must contain them until nightfall in which time the waterbenders will be able to outclass the firebenders."

Northern Water Tribe Pt. 2 — "Even with the help of the moon, the waterbenders have not been able to repel all the Fire Nation troops and worse, Aang has been kidnapped by Zuko. You must bring him back to the spirit source so he can make sure the kois are protected. The city must be defended until the time."

  • The level is divided into two parts, the first being to bring Aang back from Zuko, and the second requiring the player to repel the Fire Nation military. The game will end with all of the buildings being destroyed and the discovered enemies are killed on the battlefield. This level is based on "The Siege of the North, Part 2".

Book Two: Earth

Bobble Battles Earth

These are the levels available on Book Two: Earth. The player must finish the tutorial chapter to unlock this book.

Return to Omashu — "Azula has taken control of Omashu, made King Bumi her prisoner and sent many of the citizens of Omashu into hiding. While searching for an earthbending master, Aang, Sokka and Katara have made it to Omashu to find the horrible fate of the city, Help Aang and his friends rescue a group of Omashu residents from hiding."

  • This level opens with Team Avatar in an isolated area near Omashu. The main objective of the game is to get into the city and find King Bumi and the six elite benders from the king's royal personal guard. To find them, Team Avatar has to pass the settled Fire Nation troops. This level is based on "Return to Omashu".

The Blind Bandit — "Aang has found the earthbending master he needs. Help him and his friends bring Toph back to Appa. Don't forget to use Momo to patrol the area and find Toph's exact location. Once the heroes enter the estate, and Toph's father realizes what's happening, they will become the targets of the city guards."

  • This level is set in the Gaoling, with skilled soldiers guarding the estate. The objective is find Toph, with or without Team Avatar, and bring all of them back to Appa before the soldiers arrest them.

The Chase — "Azula and its troops are pursuing Aang and his friends who have split into two groups. Bring them back together so they can fight the Fire Nation troops."

  • This level opens with Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Appa in the left, and Aang stays in the opposite side of the map. Team Avatar has to unite and they will have five minutes until the Fire Nation stop to attack. This level is based on "The Chase".

The Desert — "The sandbenders want to steal Appa while Aang, Katara and Sokka are inside the library. Protect him with Toph until the others return."

  • This level is set in the desert, with Toph and Appa already. They have to wait and protect each other until Katara, Sokka and Aang one by one return from the library. The level ends as Team Avatar finds and defeats Ghashiun, but with Appa missing. This level is based on "The Library".

The Drill — "Ba Sing Se is being attacked by the Fire Nation and a giant drill. Help the people build an outpost the city to resist the invaders and defend the wall against the drill."

  • In this level, the Team Avatar is prepared with five Earth Kingdom miners. The objectives are to create three soldiers, five riders, four benders, four elite benders, and protect the settlement for twenty minutes, with attacks from the Fire Nation in each five minutes. One of the strategy is using four heroes to demolish the Fire Nation troops. This level is based on "The Drill".

Find Appa — "Find where Appa is being held. You must find him in ten minutes."

  • The game starts with Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Momo ready to use. The main objective is to find Appa somewhere inside the city which has the earthbenders guarding the way. The game ends with fighting Zuko, who will tell Aang exactly where Appa is.

Book Three: Fire

Bobble Battles Fire

These are the levels available on Book Three: Fire. The player must finish the tutorial chapter to unlock this book.

Winter Solstice — "The Avatar is coming to the Fire Nation Temple. This is finally Zuko's chance to capture him and regain his honor."

The Fall of Omashu — "The Fire Nation troops are attacking the city of Omashu. With this victory the passage to Ba Sing Se will be opened to the Fire Nation, this is the keystone to the Earth Nation. Build an army to get through the wall and take over the city."

  • The game starts with Azula, six firebenders, six soldiers, and five miners. The first task is to wait for the bridge inside built, while the player is preparing the Fire Nation troops. The game ends wherever Bumi is captured, along with the Earth Kingdom resistance inside. Enemies can also recharge their troops. This level is based on "Return to Omashu".

The Serpent's Pass — "Zuko and Iroh deserted the Fire Nation and they are now part of the earthbender refugees. Help them escort a small group of refugee through the Fire Nation settlements to be able to reach Ba Sing Se. Once at the wall, find a way to bring Zuko and Iroh inside the city."

  • Unlike the original episode, this level tells about Zuko and Iroh's journey to get inside the impenetrable city. Along with ten earthbenders refugee behind, player must leads them to get inside the city. The game becomes harder with the Fire Nation settlements on the way through. This level is based on "The Serpent's Pass".

Break the Alliance — "The siege on Ba Sing Se has begun, but the forces inside are too great for an invasion. Fortunately, Azula has a plan. Defend your settlements until her arrival."

  • Set in the Earth Kingdom field near Ba Sing Se, three Fire Nation settlements have been built. As Azula prepares her plan to get through the city, for fifteen minutes, the player has to defend the settlements and cut the Earth Kingdom units nearby. Player wins when Azula returns and at least two settlements remain on the field.

Breaching the Wall — "Azula must bring the drill to the outer wall of Ba Sing Se but this task is not easy as she is in hostile territory. Help her defeat every enemy along the path to Ba Sing Se before the drill reaches them. Protect the drill until Aang arrives."

  • In this level, the task is defend the drill on the way to the wall of Ba Sing Se. Similar to the Serpent's Pass level, the player must get through enemies' settlements and wait for five minutes until Aang arrives on the wall. This level is based on "The Drill".

The Fall of Ba Sing Se — "Azula is ready to take over the city of Ba Sing Se. Bring her and some firebenders disguised as Kyoshi Warriors inside the city and eliminate any resistance. Use Azula to open the wall so Zuko and the rest of the Fire Nation Army can enter and take control of the city!"

  • This level is divided by two parts, the first involving getting the disguised firebenders into the city, and the last one is fighting Team Avatar until the city falls. The first task is to cut every Dai Li agents inside, and when the city is already prepared, Azula, Zuko, and their troops will get inside. The game ends here, and the player may enjoy the whole game by selecting the level they prefer. This level is based on "The Crossroads of Destiny".

Playable characters

Players only can control the protagonist of the chapter; they are unable to control the enemies.

  • Note:The skills are listed in the game order, from the left to right to anticipate confusion.


  • Rage of the Winds: Aang creates a small wind tornado and sends it toward an enemy in front of him. 50-60 damage dealt, costs fifty minerals with one second cooldown.
  • Spinning scooter: While sitting on a ball of spinning air, Aang can quickly move through several enemies. 30-60 damage dealt, costs thirty-five minerals with twenty seconds cooldown.
  • The Avatar State: While in a trance-like state, a huge tornado surrounds Aang. He can move through enemies and is virtually unstoppable. 100-200 damage dealt, costs four hundred minerals with one hundred seconds cooldown.


  • Tail wind: Appa uses his tail to create a massive gust of air toward enemies unfortunate enough to be standing behind him. 40-50 damage dealt, costs thirty minerals with two seconds cooldown.
  • Bison rush: Appa rises in the air and charges with all his strength in direction of an enemy or building. 50-60 damage dealt, costs fifteen minerals with three seconds cooldown.


  • Blue thunder: Azula concentrates to project a powerful lightning blow toward a single enemy at a distance. 50-60 damage dealt, costs fifty minerals with six seconds cooldown.
  • Lightning bolt: Azula sends a blast of lightning toward a single enemy. 50-100 damage dealt, costs seventy-five minerals with three seconds cooldown.
  • Dragon's fire: Azula gathers a huge amount of electricity and releases it in a single and powerful blast toward everything around her. Five hundred damage dealt, costs three hundred minerals with 120 seconds cooldown.


  • Dragon of the West: Iroh projects flaming breath toward a foe in front of him. 60-120 damage dealt, costs 120 minerals with eight seconds cooldown.
  • Burning wave: By hitting the ground repeatedly with his feet, Iroh creates waves flames within a chosen area. 40-60 damage dealt, costs thirty minerals with six seconds cooldown.
Bobble Battles Katara heals

Katara can use her water cure on her companions.


  • Water cure: Katara produces a rain that heals the wound of every friendly unit around her. 18-22 health points healed, costs fifty minerals with thirty seconds cooldown.
  • Water octopus: Katara is surrounded by tentacles of water that strike enemies around her. 40-100 damage dealt, costs one hundred minerals with fifteen seconds cooldown.
  • Ice grip: Katara freezes an area with sharp spikes of ice that can cause harm. This move will also stun enemies. 35-40 damage dealt, costs seventy minerals with fifteen seconds cooldown.

Kyoshi Warriors

  • Fan strike: A swift fan move that can be very powerful. 17-24 damage dealt, costs no minerals with one second cooldown.


  • Sokka's strike: Sokka jumps in the air and strikes the ground affecting all surrounding enemies. 60-85 damage dealt, costs no minerals with five seconds cooldown.
  • Boomerang throw: Sokka swiftly sends his boomerang great distances toward a single enemy. 45-75 damage dealt, costs no minerals with five seconds cooldown.


  • Fan flurry: Suki sends her fan in a powerful and straight path toward a single unit or building. 45-55 damage dealt, costs no minerals with two seconds cooldown.


  • Raging kick: Toph hits the ground with her feet to produce a crack in the ground toward an enemy. 75-100 damage dealt, costs one hundred minerals with ten seconds cooldown.
  • Rockalanche: Toph creates a localized earthquake around her with a hard strike to the ground. All enemies around her are affected by it. 50-60 damage dealt, costs seventy-five minerals with seven seconds cooldown.
  • Rock blast: Toph kicks in the ground with great force sending a rock into the air, the rock is kicked toward a single enemy. 45-60 damage dealt, costs fifty minerals with six seconds cooldown.


  • Phoenix flame: Zuko jumps up and spin with his flame daggers toward multiple fores. 45-50 damage dealt, costs twenty-five minerals with ten seconds cooldown.
  • Fire rain: Using the power of the sun, Zuko makes fire rain from the sky onto a chosen area. 40-100 damage dealt, costs one hundred minerals with fifteen seconds cooldown.
  • Spinning flame: Zuko spins to create a powerful flame vortex that can affect surroundings enemies. 25-75 damage dealt, costs twenty-five minerals with six seconds cooldown.

Soldiers from the Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation.

  • Bender — As the name stated, bender is a skilled man who can attack the opponent using their bending skill, stronger than the warrior. Costs 175 minerals.
  • Distance bender — The strongest of the soldiers, distance bender specialize long-ranged attack with fierce damage. Costs two hundred minerals, the distance bender is available in the temple.
  • Harvester or Miner — Trained in house building, miner is capable to create buildings, harvest minerals, and fix the damaged towers. More miner used to create building, the building time will be reduced. Costs one hundred minerals.
  • Patroller — Has the higher agility, Momo and Messenger Hawk are the characters chosen to be the patroller. Momo is used as the Water and Earth Nation army, with Messenger Hawk as the Fire Nation patroller. Costs 150 minerals.
  • Rider — High cost, high damage. Rider is specially designed to move fast and attack the opponent rapidly, using the different animals for each nation: buffalo yak for the Water Tribe; ostrich horse for the Earth Kingdom; and komodo rhino for the Fire Nation. Costs 180 minerals and a little bit longer training time.
  • Warrior — Specialized in low-ranged attack, the warrior is trained in the barrack. Costs 175 minerals.


Bobble Battles buildings

These are the designs of the Earth Kingdom buildings that can be constructed in the level.

There are four types of building in each nation. Each of the buildings have different purpose and characters:

  • Barracks — Train skilled warriors, patrollers, and riders, who will ease players to fight the enemies' soldiers. Patrollers work well to discover new places and are fast movers. Costs 2,500 minerals.
  • House — Produces miners who can build or repair buildings. and gain minerals to build buildings. They also have the ability to recall heroes, or train warriors and benders. The already mined minerals will be kept in the house. To build this building, players have to spend 150 minerals.
  • Temple — Trains skilled benders, palaces also have the ability to recall heroes who have died in the battlefield. Very useful for a chapter with heroes as the playable character. Costs two thousand minerals.
  • Watchtower — Attacks nearby enemies soldiers with rapid attack from the air, but has no defense in return. This building costs 350 minerals.


  • The ability to create miners that collect minerals used to build houses, and a temple's ability to resurrect heroes is reminiscent of the Age of Empires spin-off, Age of Mythology.


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