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"In the time of peace and harmony between nations. A sinister threat emerges in the heart of the continent. The Temple of Corruption is erected to worship a dark force hailing from the realm of spirits. Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Now it's up to you to rebuild the fallen cities and unite the nations against this looming menace. You must embark on an epic journey to recruit benders from across the land and discover heroes of legend. Lead the charge against Chanyu and the Shattered Skulls and banish the malevolent power at the heart of the Temple of Corruption... the ancient spirit known as Father Glowworm."
— Avatar: Realms Collide trailer

Avatar: Realms Collide, also styled Avatar Legends: Realms Collide, is a mobile game that takes place in the world of Avatar Legends.[1] It is developed by Tilting Point and AN Games and licensed by Paramount Consumer Products.[2] As a mobile strategy game, Avatar: Realms Collide focuses on the training and battling of legendary characters from Avatar Legends as well as the construction of a fortified city.[1]

The game received a limited test release on Android devices in select countries on April 3, 2024,[3][4] with it being announced a month later that work was proceeding for release on iOS devices and a global launch.[5] The game is listed on the Apple Store with an expected release date of August 28.[6]


"You must actively shape your own destiny and the destiny of the world." — Avatar Kuruk

A time of peace and harmony is disrupted by a dangerous cult devoted to a dark entity from the Spirit World. As the cult's power and influence grows across the land, so too does chaos, wreaking havoc and consuming lives, leaving the ashes of formerly serene societies in its wake.

Now, you must face your destiny and embark on an epic journey to recruit powerful benders from across the land, discover heroes of legend and forge alliances with other powerful leaders to restore harmony and balance to the world!

Experience the Entire Avatar Universe

"It is important to draw wisdom from different places. If you take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale." – Uncle Iroh

Unite, interact with, train and lead legendary characters from across the Avatar universe including: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, best-selling comic books and more! Experience an all new epic storyline which unfolds as you fight to restore balance to your world!

Become a Leader

"You taught me that keeping a level head is a sign of a great leader." - Prince Zuko

The destiny of the world rests upon your shoulders! Forge a mighty army by recruiting and training benders and heroes who will march into battle under your command. However, victory won't come alone. Form alliances with leaders worldwide to amass a formidable force capable of vanquishing your adversaries and vanishing the ominous dark spirit. Unite these forces, combining strengths and strategies, to challenge the looming darkness and restore harmony and balance to the world.

Train Your Benders

"A student is only as good as his master." ― Zaheer

Embark on an incredible journey across the Avatar universe, where you have the power to unlock and unleash legendary heroes like Aang, Zuko, Toph, Katara, Tenzin, Sokka, Kuvira, Roku, Kyoshi and more iconic figures. Upgrade and train these heroes, and help them master their bending skills to shine in the heat of battle.

Rebuild and Expand Your Base

"New growth cannot exist without first the destruction of the old." - Guru Laghim [sic]

Evolve your base into a fortified city, construct and enhance buildings within your base, essential for resource generation, crucial research, and the unlocking of legendary heroes. Train and acquire troops to bolster your fighting force in the face of chaos.

Get in Your Element

"It is the combination of the four elements in one person that makes the Avatar so powerful. But it can make you more powerful, too." - Uncle Iroh

The choice is yours: Water, Earth, Fire or Air—select your leader's bending art, each element offering distinct gameplay advantages, units, and a visually stunning style.

Form Alliances

"Sometimes, the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else." - Uncle Iroh

Partner with leaders around the world to form strong alliances working together to protect the world's harmony from the malevolent spirit and his followers. Rally the affected communities, construct safe havens, and unite forces to combat the cult's chaos. Unite with other players, strategize, and work together to build resilient settlements and mount a unified front needed to defeat the powerful and dangerous enemy.

Explore and Research

"Though we must learn from those who come before us, we must also learn to forge our own paths." - Avatar Korra

Explore the world and discover different entities while you gather resources to upgrade your city and grow a more powerful army. Conduct research to improve your resource production and military might!

Play now and help restore harmony and balance to the world!


The game's storyline concentrates on the activities of the League of Shattered Skulls, a "barbarian death cult" that worships Father Glowworm and spreads destruction.[7] Over the span of history, different heroes unite to contain the cult's influence and stop the evil spirit.[1][2]

In-game, players can choose one of the four elements and nations for their player character (the "leader"), offering different gameplay styles and recruitable units. Furthermore, the players are provided with a base which they can build up to become a city where they can research technology and train unlockable legendary heroes. Players can also network with each other to form alliances, together battling against the dark spirit's cult.[1][2]

Known heroes[]


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