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Avatar: Autumn Twilight is a single-player 3D role-playing game that was once hosted on the Nickelodeon website as the first Avatar: The Last Airbender video game, having been applied for trademarking over a month before the first episode aired.[1]


Players could choose to be a male or female waterbender or earthbender. There were three chapters to the game that involved learning new bending moves and ultimately defeating the Fire Nation leader in the player's area of the Earth Kingdom.[2]

Former requirements[]

According to the FAQs, it was necessary to download and install the Wild Tangent Web Driver software, which drew the game's graphics, to play Autumn Twilight. The program would upload automatically by launching the game. Javascript was also needed to even launch the game at all. A list of requirements also included:

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • 800Mhz or better Windows-compatible PC
  • 128 MB system RAM (Windows 98/ME)
  • 192 MB RAM (Windows 2000/XP)
  • 3D-accelerated video card with a minimum of 16MB
  • Internet Explorer 5.0+ or AOL browser 8.0+
  • DirectX 7 or above
  • Sun Java plugin 1.1 or higher, or Microsoft Java Virtual Machine version 3809 or higher
  • An active Internet connection

The game was unable for play on Macintosh and Linux platforms. Having multiple copies of the game run at the same time would be detrimental to the game's "stability and performance" and was not recommended. The Sun Java Plug-in should have been installed before the Web Driver, lest an error message occur. A Java Virtual Machine ("JVM") was necessary because the game was apparently a Java applet. It should have been installed before the Wild Tangent Web Driver, AKA before launching the game.


Autumn Twilight consisted of three chapters that released slowly over time: Chapter One was released with the game, Chapter Two in March 2005, and Chapter Three was "available soon after!"[3]

In-game story progression[]

There was no multi-player option in Autumn Twilight — only the player and "artificial intelligence" characters would be engaged. Whenever the "!" icon would appear above the player-character's head, the space-bar could either:

A. Activate a dialogue box with info about the game/environment.
B. Begin a conversation with another character.
C. Enter a location on the "World Map" (first the location would have to be clicked with the left mouse click, and the space-bar needs to be used to enter).
D. Open gates or doors.
E. Pick up items such as "health", art scrolls, or "experience tablets".[3]

Playable characters[]

The story arc of each character is the same aside from that fact that each centers on a different individual; the game unfolds in the same manner no matter which character is chosen.

Descriptions taken directly from the game:


Jin Hu[]

Jin Hu

Jin Hu is a male waterbender.

From the time he was a young boy, Jin Hu's whole village knew of his ability to control water, to make it leap and fly and twist. This waterbender's gentle nature hid uncommon bravery, and now, with the Fire Nation on the march, he would be challenged to live up to his name's meaning: Golden Tiger.

Strength: 3

Yi-Zi: 3

Spirit: 3

Mei Ying[]

Mei Ying

Mei Ying is a female waterbender.

"Beautiful Flower," they called her. Mei Ying was indeed delicate and refined, but all the boys in town knew of her legendary temper – and of her ability to embarrass them at will with her waterbending! But childish games were far from her mind now, as she set off on a journey to stop the Fire Nation's evil plans ...

Strength: 2

Yi-Zi: 3

Spirit: 4


Yong Wing[]

Yong Wing

Yong Wing is a male earthbender.

Yong Wing had heard rumors swirling for months – old men whispering in the market: "It's the Fire Nation ... they are coming." Now the horizon billowed with smoke, tracing their war path to the gates of his village. The gift he was born with would now be tested – Yong Wing would need all the strength of the Earth to stand against the might of the Fire Nation.

Strength: 5

Yi-Zi: 2

Spirit: 2

Ling Ushi[]

Ling Ushi

Ling Ushi is a female earthbender.

When the Fire Nation invaded, Ling Ushi's father forbade her from joining the fight or using her earthbending. When she resisted, he locked her in the barn with the oxen. But he forgot about the dirt floor. She was sure the boulder she sent through the back wall of the barn woke the old man up – but she didn't hang around long enough to find out ...

Strength: 3

Yi-Zi: 4

Spirit: 2


There were twelve "art scrolls" hidden throughout the world of Autumn Twilight, each of which contained "exclusive Avatar art". Upon discovering one, it would appear in the player's art collection. The empty gallery can be accessed by clicking the Artwork button on the start-up character choice page. There were apparently four scrolls in each chapter, but none of them can be accessed through gameplay anymore. However, the images have been located individually at separate URLs on the Wayback Machine. The following links lead to the images, all of which are early concept art for the series.


  • Although said to be "refined", Mei Ying's personality is also described as hot-headed, and she is called temperamental. She and Avatar Korra are alike in these areas; however, in The Legend of Korra, it is revealed that spirituality is hindered by aggressive emotions like those harbored by Korra and Mei Ying alike. Despite this, Mei Ying is shown to hold the highest Spirit level in Autumn Twilight.
  • This was the "biggest" game Nick.com had ever put online in 2005 as well as the website's debut role-playing game.[4]
  • The earthbender on the main screen is the same as the one that was depicted on the tapestry in the Earth Kingdom Avatar Temple, albeit flipped, which lit up as a reaction to Aang going into the Avatar State at the Southern Air Temple.[5]
  • The trademark for "AVATAR: AUTUMN TWILIGHT" was canceled on February 21, 2014,[1] the ninth anniversary of the premiere of "The Boy in the Iceberg".


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  • See Autumn Twilight on the Wayback Machine. The game has become unplayable in terms of the actual story arcs, but it is still available for choosing a character, reading some of the FAQs, viewing the blank high score list, and learning about one of the game's special features. It requires a nonexistent login to launch the game.