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"Where's the prince!?"
"Halfway to Kuvira by now. All hail the Great Uniter!"
Mako interrogating the bathroom attendant about Prince Wu's whereabouts.[1]

The attempted kidnapping of Prince Wu was an event during the formation of the Earth Empire. It took place in Republic City and its surrounding area, and ended with Prince Wu being freed by Team Avatar.[1]


When Avatar Korra returned to Republic City after three long years, she, Mako and Asami wanted to catch up. Not wanting to be left alone, Prince Wu insisted that he should come with, with the hopes of flirting with the Avatar. When tensions started rising between the members of Team Avatar, Wu decided to go to the bathroom to refresh. He wanted Mako to come with, but the latter refused, to Wu's annoyance. As Wu entered the bathroom, the attendant offered him cologne, which was in fact sleeping gas disguised as cologne. Wu accepted and was therefore drugged.

Prince Wu was locked in a suitcase, where Mako, Asami, and Korra found him.

When he had failed to show up Mako grew worried and went to check up on him. Eventually, Korra sensed that there was something wrong and found the monarch in the back of a van, drugged. One of the kidnappers earthbent at the Avatar, briefly stunning her, to get away. As the van started to drive away, Korra, Mako and Asami followed in their own car. After taking a shortcut they managed to catch the car, but the prince was not in sight. Mako interrogated the driver, who proudly admitted that Wu was on his way to General Kuvira. Mako subsequently threw the man into a police car and instructed his fellow officer to update Chief Beifong on what was happening. Using her newly spiritual acquired powers, Korra was able to use the spirit vines throughout the city to sense that Wu was being taken to the train station in another car. Team Avatar got to the train station in the nick of time and managed to find the prince, stuffed inside a suitcase.

Team Avatar saved Prince Wu from the Earth Empire agents.

After freeing Wu, Team Avatar was boxed in from both sides of the train car by Earth Empire agents, forcing them to get on the outside of the train. But as they leaped onto an adjourning car, their opponents began to metalbend the roof of the car from both sides to trap them, forcing Korra to airbend herself and her friends off the train and using an air sphere to cushion their fall, finally thwarting the kidnapping attempt. After being freed, Wu thanked Team Avatar, especially Korra. With it being too dangerous to bring Wu back to his hotel room, Wu was brought to Asami's mansion for protection, where Mako's family had been living since the Fall of Ba Sing Se, and they agreed to take care of him.[1]


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