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The attempted kidnapping of President Raiko was a plan masterminded by Varrick to ensure the United Republic's military support of the South in the ongoing civil war between the Water Tribes. During the screening of the final installment of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South at the Pro-bending Arena, Varrick intended to stage the abduction of President Raiko and the First Lady by his henchmen, dressed in Northern Water Tribe military uniforms. However, the attempted kidnapping was thwarted by Bolin, who subdued the president's attackers and forced them to reveal Varrick as the instigator of the incident.[1]


With the outbreak of the Water Tribe Civil War, Varrick desired a large scale conflict, as he stood to profit immensely by selling war supplies. In order to achieve this, he produced a series of propaganda films to turn public opinion in favor of the South, as well as orchestrated the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center during a peace march for Southern autonomy, to further garner public sympathy in Republic City.[2] Mako investigated the bombing, but was framed by Varrick for theft from Future Industries, leading to his incarceration.[3]

Attempted abduction[]

After arriving at the Pro-bending Arena, Raiko and his wife were greeted by Varrick, who assured the couple that no expense was spared for the event. Raiko reaffirmed his position to remain diplomatic in the conflict between the Water Tribes, to which Varrick replied that he could be undeniably persuasive. Raiko and his wife were escorted to box seats near the top of the arena, where they watched the introduction of the event, during which Varrick urged the citizens of Republic City to speak out against the injustice in the South.

Infiltration of the arena

Waterbenders infiltrated the arena, catching Lu and Gang by surprise.

During the screening, a group of waterbenders hired by Varrick arrived by boat and infiltrated the arena, easily subduing Lu and Gang, whose unconscious bodies were hid inside a locker. Shortly after, Bolin made his way out of the arena to get some fresh air and noticed the abandoned boat in Yue Bay. Deeming the sight to be suspicious, he investigated and discovered Lu and Gang tied and gagged in a nearby locker. After his gags were removed, Gang alerted Bolin that the waterbenders were after the president.

After incapacitating Raiko's security, the waterbenders apprehended the president and his wife but were blocked by Bolin before they could depart. Bolin used his earthbending to send the attackers down into the arena, before jumping down himself to continue the fight away from the president. Noticing the commotion, Chief Lin Beifong ordered her officers to secure the president and call for backup.

During the fight, Bolin drew the attention of the audience by fighting the waterbenders at the center of the arena, using the earth discs from the arena floor and his knowledge of pro-bending to knock two of his opponents into the water. Bolin proceeded to defeat the only remaining waterbender, intimidating him into revealing that it was Varrick who had ordered the attack. Upon hearing himself exposed, the businessman attempted to escape with Zhu Li, but the two were apprehended by Chief Lin Beifong and her officers.[1]


Mako is recognized

Mako was recognized for his efforts to expose Varrick.

As his allegations were found to have been correct, Mako was released from prison, receiving a round of applause from all of the officers present at the police headquarters as well as a promotion from Chief Lin Beifong. The firebender later visited Varrick in his cell, along with the other members of Team Avatar. To show his regret over the trouble he had caused, Varrick allowed Team Avatar to take his battleship, the Zhu Li, to the South, giving them full access to all of the accommodations and weaponry available on board.[1]



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