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The attempted kidnapping of Avatar Korra was a plan masterminded by the Red Lotus as part of the group's endeavors to establish a new world order. With the help of Aiwei, the four criminals were able to infiltrate Zaofu and sedate Avatar Korra, whom they attempted to carry out of the city undetected. Despite their efforts, Zaheer and his associates eventually retreated after they were discovered by Team Avatar and members of the Metal Clan, who retrieved the Avatar during the battle that ensued in Suyin Beifong's estate.[1]



In 158 AG, a group of criminals led by Zaheer attempted to kidnap Korra shortly after she was identified as the Avatar, but ultimately failed due to the intervention of Tenzin, Zuko, Tonraq, and Sokka. As a result, the criminals were apprehended and detained in four separate prisons designed specifically to counteract their respective abilities. For the next thirteen years, the four criminals were monitored by the Order of the White Lotus and periodically interrogated to determine their motives, though these remained unknown as they refused to talk.[2]

Shortly after the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG, the group managed to escape and Zaheer eventually determined that Korra was with the Metal Clan in Zaofu, prompting the group to head toward the city to meet with Aiwei, who helped them enter the city during the night.[1]

Attempted abduction

Korra and Naga were sedated using shirshu-spit darts.

Aware of the overwhelming security measures in Zaofu, the four criminals covertly made their way to the guesthouses near Suyin Beifong's estate, where Korra and the rest of Team Avatar were being accommodated. Ming-Hua used waterbending to cut a small circle from Korra's bedroom window, which allowed Zaheer to sedate Naga. The polar bear dog still managed to growl at the criminals before the paralyzing agent took effect, which caused Korra to wake up as well. Before she could truly take action, however, she too got shot with a paralyzing dart and succumbed. Despite the group's efforts to sneak out with Korra, Pabu noticed them and alerted Bolin and Mako, who headed outside to attack the four criminals.

Although the four managed to overwhelm the brothers with a continuous barrage of bending attacks, the commotion alerted the guards of their presence, prompting them to ring the warning siren and shine several spotlights on the four criminals. Having been discovered, Ghazan called to initiate the back-up plan, inciting P'Li to fire several combustion beams aimed toward the guards as well as the two brothers.

Ghazan created a moat filled with lava in order to melt their way out of their metal prison and to protect himself and his group from the defending soldiers.

In order to trap the group, Lin Beifong and members of the Metal Clan began to surround the four with metal panels, effectively trapping Zaheer and his associates inside a makeshift metal prison. Kuvira ordered the four to surrender and release the Avatar, just as the ground surrounding the makeshift prison began to turn into a moat filled with lava. Zaheer proceeded to use airbending to conceal himself and his associates with a cloud of smoke, but one of the guards took advantage of his exposed position to ensnare and pull him away with a metal cable. Several guards attempted to subdue the airbender, to no avail, but were still able to keep him from rejoining his companions.

As numerous attempts to cross the moat proved unsuccessful, partially by the constant suppressing fire from P'Li's combustionbending, Suyin and Lin resolved to drop down from the top of the metal dome on cables, instructing Bolin to temporarily stun P'Li by striking her third eye. Despite miscommunication issues, Bolin managed to block P'Li's chi while the two metalbending sisters dropped down and retrieved Korra. Ming-Hua ensnared Lin's leg in an attempt to pull her down, but Mako managed to break the water tendril with a fire blast.

Outraged, Zaheer used his airbender staff to pursue Lin in the air, knocking her unsteady with a gust of wind. However, before he could reach her and grab Korra, Suyin pulled her sister away and launched her shard necklace at him, piercing his glider and forcing him to land near the others by the moat. Realizing that they failed, Zaheer conjured a large air dome which gathered enough smoke to obstruct him and his group's escape.[1]


Team Avatar found a secret room behind a bookshelf in Aiwei's home.

The infiltration of Zaofu prompted Suyin to order the interrogation of all of the city's guards to determine the identity of the individual responsible for helping Zaheer and his associates enter the city. As he was a truth seer, Aiwei questioned all of the guards and eventually identified Hong Li as the one responsible for aiding the criminals. Hong Li's name was cleared, however, after Aiwei was exposed as the actual undercover agent. The adviser fled the city as a fugitive, prompting Team Avatar to leave Zaofu against Lin's orders in order to track him.[1]


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