The Attack on the Pro-bending Arena was one of the early assaults of the Anti-bending Revolution. It occurred after the White Falls Wolfbats won the Pro-bending Tournament, and undercover Equalist agents within the arena began attacking the metalbending officers guarding it. After their attack, Amon stripped the Wolfbats of their bending and the Equalists forced the audience to listen to his speech on equality. In the ensuing battle, Lin Beifong and Avatar Korra attempted to capture Amon, but failed.[1]


While training for their championship match, the Fire Ferrets heard Amon threaten the United Republic Council with "severe consequences" should they fail to cancel the Pro-bending Tournament final. Korra and her teammates rushed down to City Hall, where the entire Council had decided that the match should be canceled. When the decision was about to be made final, Chief Lin Beifong arrived and convinced Tarrlok to reconsider the decision; at the chief's offer to protect the arena and the spectators along with her metalbending officers, the waterbending councilor changed his vote, garnering the support of the other Council members with the exception of Tenzin.

Meanwhile, the Lieutenant informed Amon that the Council had defied his threat, to which Amon replied that everything was going according to plan.

At the Pro-bending Arena, Lin had her metalbending cops scour the entire premises for anything strange, but they found nothing. The championship match played out as normal. The Wolfbats broke many of the rules, performing several illegal headshots and bending a disk from their opponents' zone, but the referee ignored these moves and the Wolfbats claimed a knockout victory in round three.[1]


After Tahno and the Wolfbats won the championship, undercover Equalists began revealing themselves in the audience, pulling electrified gloves out of their popcorn cartons and covering their faces with cloths baring the Equalist's insignia, a single red circle. They used the gloves to stun Lin, Tenzin, the other metalbending officers on duty, and the announcer, Shiro Shinobi.

The Lieutenant appeared by the pool surrounding the ring, where the Fire Ferrets remained following their knockout defeat and zapped the pool with his electrified kali sticks, rendering Korra and her teammates unconscious. He proceeded to tie the Fire Ferrets to one of the support beams of the ring.

Amon fought the White Falls Wolfbats.

Amon, along with other Equalists, approached Tahno and the Wolfbats in the ring. The trio attempted to fight back, but was quickly captured by Amon and his troopers. Tahno begged Amon not to take his bending away, even offering him the championship pot, but the Equalist leader ignored him. Amon stripped each member of the Wolfbats of their bending before tossing them in the water below. He proceeded to give a speech to the audience, using the Wolfbats' failure to follow the rules as evidence that benders are corrupt and evil and how they, supposedly the best in the bending world, had been separated from their power in just a moment. He warned any bender in the audience to stay out of his way unless they wanted to meet the same fate. Amon continued by addressing his followers by introducing the electrified gloves and saying that the revolution had begun. An Equalist airship appeared above the stadium, deploying several ropes with platforms into the arena, breaking its glass ceiling; the Equalists utilized these to make their escape. Tenzin and Lin regained consciousness and looked up to see the Equalists escaping, and a bomb that had been planted underneath the playing field suddenly exploded.

Meanwhile, the Fire Ferrets regained consciousness and realized their situation. When they spotted Pabu nearby, Bolin called him over and communicated with him, gesturing for the fire ferret to bite through the rope, which he eventually did after being side-tracked by an explosion on the arena floor.

Korra fought the Lieutenant on top of the Pro-bending Arena.

After Pabu freed the team of their bonds, Korra created a water spout to help her reach the Equalists who were ascending through the ceiling, but ultimately could not due to having an insufficient amount of water. Lin used her metalbending cables to catch Korra, and they continued to make their way onto the roof of the arena. Korra caught one of the cables, after having knocked off the Lieutenant and an Equalist, and launched a fire blast at Amon, but missed. The two engaged in a battle with the Lieutenant and multiple Equalists after Amon escaped the scene. Lin used metalbending to prevent more Equalists from approaching, resulting in a chance to get onto Amon's airship. She took advantage of this opportunity while Korra continued to fight the Lieutenant. The Avatar eventually knocked him off the roof, but the glass beneath her broke and she began to fall. Lin noticed and abandoned her chance to attack Amon, instead using her metal cables to save Korra from falling to her likely demise.

Back on the ground, Korra thanked Lin for saving her as the Equalists flew away in their airship. Bolin and Mako rushed to Korra, expressing their relief that she was all right. Tenzin conclusively stated that Republic City was at war.[1]


The attack caused extensive damage to the Pro-bending Arena.

The stadium was subsequently shut down as a result of the damage it received during the assault, which left Mako and Bolin without a home. However, they were soon offered a place to live at the Sato estate by Asami, and later a place at Air Temple Island by Korra.

Tarrlok began to lose faith in Lin's leadership, saying that she had failed the city, and that Republic City's law enforcement needed a new leader. This, in addition to the battle at the Equalist factory in the following weeks, led to her decision to relinquish her position as the Chief of Police.[2]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)


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