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Asami Sato is a businesswoman, industrialist, engineer, and the only child of the former wealthy industrialist Hiroshi Sato[7] and his wife, Yasuko Sato, an architect.[1][5] Although a nonbender, when she discovered that her father was working with the Equalists, she rejected his hatred of benders[1] and actively fought against the Equalists as a member of Team Avatar.[8] After her father's imprisonment, she became the new Chief Executive Officer of Future Industries, planning to bring the company back to the peak of economic dominance and restore its reputation. Two weeks after Harmonic Convergence, she joined her friends in the search for the new airbenders. However, their search stopped when the Red Lotus attempted to kidnap Avatar Korra in Zaofu and they worked to bring the organization down instead. Three years later, in 174 AG, Asami assisted in defeating Kuvira and began a romantic relationship with her best friend, Korra.[6][9]

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What is Asami Sato's role in Future Industries after her father's imprisonment? toggle section
After her father's imprisonment, Asami Sato took over as the Chief Executive Officer of Future Industries. Despite facing a challenging phase of reorganization and poor relations, she successfully rebuilt the company. Asami is known for her hands-on leadership style, often working alongside her employees and involving herself in the company's research projects. Her business acumen and dedication have earned her the reputation of a 'genius technologist and inventor'.
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How does Asami Sato's relationship with Korra develop throughout the series? toggle section
Asami Sato's relationship with Korra, the Avatar, evolves significantly throughout the series. Initially, they were just teammates in Team Avatar, with Asami dating Mako, a mutual friend. However, over time, their bond deepened, and they became best friends. They supported and protected each other in various situations, demonstrating unwavering loyalty. Eventually, their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship. Three weeks after Asami was rescued from a perilous situation, Korra confessed her love for Asami, a sentiment that Asami reciprocated. Their relationship continued to grow, and they became comfortable sharing a bed together and making their relationship public. Being the Avatar's girlfriend did make Asami a target, but it didn't deter their love for each other.
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How did Asami develop her interest in engineering? toggle section
Asami's interest in engineering developed from spending time with her mother, Yasuko, who was an architect. Yasuko explained to her daughter the basic techniques and principles of architecture, and how one didn't need to be a bender to participate in big projects, such as designing a skyscraper. This inspired Asami to one day attend Future Industries school of engineering.
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How does Asami Sato, a nonbender, contribute to Team Avatar's fight against the Equalists? toggle section
Asami Sato, despite being a nonbender, plays a crucial role in Team Avatar's fight against the Equalists. She is a skilled fighter, thanks to her self-defense training, and is able to hold her own against formidable opponents. Asami also serves as the team's driver and uses an electrified glove, a weapon of the Equalists, to fight them off. Additionally, she takes a stand against her father, Hiroshi Sato, a supporter of the Equalists, and even takes over his company, Future Industries, after his imprisonment. Her leadership and engineering skills further aid in the team's efforts against the Equalists.
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What led Asami Sato to reject her father's hatred of benders? toggle section
Asami Sato's rejection of her father's hatred towards benders was driven by her strong sense of justice and empathy. Where Hiroshi let held a deep-seated resentment towards benders for having killed his wife, Asami's mother, Asami herself never harbored such feelings and even told her father that her mother would have hated the man he had become.
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Early life[]

Yasuko and Asami Sato

Asami and her mother, Yasuko Sato.

Asami was born at Republic City[10] in 152 AG.[2] She showed a passion for engineering and architecture from a young age, learning about the basic techniques and design principles in her mother's office. She was surprised to learn that one didn't have to be a bender to be able to participate in important projects, such as the design of a skyscraper. She built a little skyscraper model for Yasuko with paper notecards, and expressed her aspiration to attend Future Industries' school of engineering one day.[11]

When Asami was six, her mother was killed during a break-in and robbery of their mansion by the Agni Kai Triad.[1][5] Following her mother's murder, Hiroshi had Asami trained by the best self-defense teachers in the city to ensure she would always be able to protect herself. Although unknown to her, the occurrence also resulted in her father developing a grudge against all benders that would culminate in him joining the Equalists and becoming their weapons' manufacturer.[1] She also received a comprehensive education in science and business.[10][12]

At the age of fourteen, Asami witnessed an important business deal between her father and Wonyong Keum. However, during the deal, Wonyong left, creating a resentment for him that would last Asami later into her life.[13] By her teenage years, Asami began to actively involve herself in Future Industries as an inventor and businesswoman.[10][12]

170 AG[]

Main article: History of Asami Sato (152 AG - 170 AG)
Mako and Asami

Asami and Mako enjoyed a romantic moment together.

Sometime after Avatar Korra's arrival in Republic City, Asami accidentally ran into Mako with her moped when he suddenly crossed the street to catch a trolley. Feeling guilty over the accident, she apologized and, after recognizing him as the captain of the Fire Ferrets, invited him to dinner at Kwong's Cuisine. During dinner, she learned of the Fire Ferrets' financial situation and, as a big pro-bending fan, convinced her father to sponsor the team through Future Industries. Their relationship continued to grow afterward.[5]

After the Pro-bending Arena was attacked,[14] Asami offered Mako and Bolin shelter at the Sato estate. Shortly afterward, Korra accused Hiroshi of being an Equalist, causing Lin, Tenzin, and the Metalbending Police Force to search her home, who discovered Korra had been correct. Asami was deeply hurt by her father's allegiance and chose to fight against him and the Equalists.[1]

Together with Korra, Bolin, and Mako, Asami formed the new Team Avatar and naturally assumed the role of the team's driver. While trying to protect the nonbenders of Dragon Flats borough, Tarrlok arrested her for being a nonbender out after curfew, though she was freed shortly after by Lin Beifong.[8]

Asami fighting with her father

Asami overpowered her father in battle.

When the Equalists attacked Republic City, Asami saved Tenzin from being captured at the police headquarters, before retreating underground with the rest of the team.[15] After breaking up with Mako, she teamed up with Bolin and General Iroh to take down her father's latest invention, biplanes at a nearby airfield.[16] Asami used a mecha tank to destroy all the planes, though she was forced to fight her own father when he attacked and tried to kill her. Winning the battle with Bolin's help, she captured him, handing him to the authorities to be imprisoned for his crimes.[17]

171 AG[]

Harmonic Convergence[]

Main article: History of Asami Sato (171 AG - Harmonic Convergence)
Varrick and Asami

To save Future Industries, Asami partnered up with the eccentric Varrick.

Following Hiroshi's imprisonment, Asami assumed control of Future Industries.[10] However, with the reputation of the company low as a result of her father's association with the Equalists, Asami struggled to keep her business afloat.[10][18] Six months after Amon's defeat, she took a trip to the Southern Water Tribe to meet the entrepreneur Varrick in order to save her company from bankruptcy.[18] With a civil war between the two tribes brewing, Asami joined Korra in attempting to prevent the conflict.

Along with the others, Asami went back to Republic City in order to meet President Raiko. There, she also checked how her company was performing. Noticing that her company needed more money, Varrick suggested she sell the mecha tanks to the Southerners. However, following the theft of Future Industries' shipments, Asami and Mako set up a sting operation with the Triple Threat Triad to capture the thieves. However, the duo was betrayed and the company's entire stock of equipment was stolen. With nowhere else to turn, Asami sold a majority stake of Future Industries to Varrick. She and Mako also started dating again, though was left in doubt of him when he was charged with the theft of her company's products.

Asami reveals her plan

In order to get Korra, Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin into the Spirit World, Asami suggested an aerial attack, with herself, Mako, and Bolin serving as the decoy.

Although President Raiko refused to help Korra against Unalaq, Asami readily offered her assistance and traveled down to the South Pole with the rest of Team Avatar on the battleship they acquired from Varrick. Devising a plan to attack from above, she used Varrick's plane to create a diversion with Mako and Bolin, hoping it would provide Korra, Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi with the opportunity to enter the Spirit World. The plan failed, however, and everyone except Bumi was imprisoned. After Bumi freed them all, Korra instructed Asami to fly a wounded Tonraq back to the healing huts, while the benders would enter the Spirit World in order to stop Unalaq from merging with Vaatu as well as finding Jinora's spirit. Asami remained at the healing hut with Katara, Tonraq, and Senna, watching over Jinora's body. When the young airbender awoke, Asami immediately inquired about the safety of her friends and was relieved to hear that Korra had saved the world.[19]

Following Harmonic Convergence, Korra was forced to fight several mecha tanks that had been commandeered for use by the mysterious individual named Hundun. Upon defeating what would be the first of many mecha tanks, Korra rhetorically asked Hundun's forces whether Asami knew about their current use.[20]

Red Lotus insurrection[]

Main article: History of Asami Sato (late 171 AG)
Asami offers her airship

Asami offered Team Avatar the use of a fully-equipped Future Industries airship as a means of transport during the group's search for new airbenders in the Earth Kingdom.

Asami bore witness to the discovery of new airbenders after Harmonic Convergence, when she saw Bumi unexpectedly airbend on Air Temple Island. Her friendship with Korra also began to grow closer, and she lent her support even as Korra began to grow unpopular for not being able to remove the new Spirit Wilds from the city.[21] Asami chose to join her friends on their mission to travel the Earth Kingdom in search of new airbenders, and offered them the use of a Future Industries airship, believing they should travel in style. The group found it difficult to convince many new airbenders to abandon their way of life and join the Air Nation, and were only able to recruit a delinquent boy named Kai on their journey to Ba Sing Se.[22]

When they arrived in the Earth Kingdom's royal palace, they found the Earth Queen to be an unpleasant and demanding ruler who refused to aid the Avatar unless she aided in retrieving royal tax payments. Asami accompanied Korra to the location, where they retrieved the money before being confronted by Gombo and his bandits.[23] On their return to the city, Mako and Bolin reported that airbenders were being conscripted into the army, although Queen Hou-Ting denied all reports of airbenders. Lin unexpectedly arrived in the city and informed the group that four dangerous criminals had escaped, urging them to return to Republic City. When Korra insisted that they save the airbenders first, Asami and Lin piloted the airships while the rest of the team freed the airbenders, managing to escape from the queen and her Dai Li. Team Avatar and Lin parted ways from Tenzin and the airbenders after escaping the capital, the latter of whom traveled to the Northern Air Temple.[24]

Continuing the search for airbenders, the team arrived in the metal city of Zaofu, where they met Lin's sister Suyin, whose daughter Opal had become an airbender. Asami was also surprised to find Varrick living as a fugitive in the city.[25] Although Opal eventually departed for the Northern Air Temple, Team Avatar came into conflict with Zaheer, P'Li, Ghazan, and Ming-Hua, who tried to kidnap Korra, with Asami being shielded behind a metal plate before Korra could be rescued. After discovering that Suyin's trusted adviser Aiwei had led the criminals inside the city, Team Avatar left the Metal Clan in order to track him down after he fled from them.[26]

Asami piloting a sand-sailer

Asami was able to build a sand-sailer with the scrap metal of the airship and pilot everyone out of the Si Wong Desert.

The team followed the trail to outside the Misty Palms Oasis, discovering that Aiwei was to meet Zaheer in a location called Xai Bau's Grove. Attempting to follow him to the location, they staked out the metalbender's room, though discovered that the location was in the Spirit World. While Korra crossed over to the spirit realm by meditating, Ming-Hua and Ghazan attacked Team Avatar, forcing Asami to flee with Korra on Naga, where they were kidnapped by the Earth Queen's forces.[27] While aboard a poorly-built airship, Asami managed to break the railing she was chained to, before freeing Korra from her own restraints. While the pair managed to hijack the airship, Korra had broken the controls, causing the airship to crash and leaving them and the crew stranded in the Si Wong Desert. After Asami constructed a makeshift sand-sailer, they managed to return to the Si Wong Desert and reunited with Mako, Bolin, and Lin, and learned from Tonraq and Lord Zuko that Zaheer had assassinated the Earth Queen, and threatened to wipe out the airbenders unless Korra surrendered herself to him.[28][29]

The group briefly returned to Zaofu to meet up with Suyin and the Metal Clan, where Asami watched over Korra's body while the Avatar visited the Spirit World once more. Afterward, they were ready to venture to the Northern Air Temple to confront the Red Lotus.[29] After piloting the ship to the temple's courtyard, Asami, Mako and Bolin followed Ghazan to the airbenders after Korra offered to give herself up, but they realized that they had been tricked and that only Tenzin was there, the other airbenders being mere dummies. Ghazan used lavabending to block off the exit, forcing the four to outrun the lava through a secret passageway. Although it seemed as if the group would be overwhelmed by lava, Bolin discovered his own lavabending abilities to save them, while Kai arrived on a young bison in order to save them from the collapsing temple.[30] After being led to the prison caves, the group infiltrated the hideout and ambushed the Red Lotus sentries, with Asami stealing the guards' keys and freeing the airbenders. After the airbenders were rescued, Asami bore witness to Zaheer's defeat at the hands of Korra and the Air Nation, and appeared greatly worried at seeing Korra poisoned before Suyin saved the Avatar's life by bending out the metallic poison.

Asami helps Korra

Asami aided a recovering Korra after the Avatar was severely injured due to her battle with Zaheer.

Two weeks later, Asami comforted Korra on Air Temple Island and helped her dress for Jinora's ceremony, where the young airbender's mastery tattoos were revealed.[31] Following the ceremony, Asami said farewell to Korra as she departed to the South to heal and recuperate, offering to accompany her home, although Korra declined. Asami started writing to Korra and started to realize her attraction to her friend, though she did not disclose it in her letters out of fear that she would not return her feelings.[13][32] Asami was the only one of Korra's friends who received replies.[32] She also allowed Mako and Bolin's extended family to stay at her family's estate after their own house in Ba Sing Se had burned down in the chaos following the Earth Queen's demise.[33] Asami also struck an important contract with the city, where Future Industries started to redesign the city's infrastructure around the new Spirit Wilds.[32]

174 AG[]

Main article: History of Asami Sato (174 AG)
Raiko and Asami

Asami and her company were thanked by President Raiko in his speech for helping to modernize Central City Station, before she had the honor to cut the ribbon.

Continuing her work to redeem Future Industries over the following three years, Asami was thanked by President Raiko during a public opening ceremony for modernizing the Central City Station in 174 AG. The same evening, Asami joined Tenzin's family, Lin, the presidential couple, and Prince Wu on Air Temple Island to happily welcome Korra back to the city, but Tonraq arrived instead, telling the others that Korra had left six months ago, with nobody certain of the Avatar's whereabouts, leaving Asami visibly crestfallen and concerned.[34] Asami later attended Wu's coronation and bore witness to Kuvira's usurpation of power over the Earth Kingdom, and declaring the formation of a new Earth Empire.[35]

Asami visited her father in prison to return a collection of unopened letters that had been sent to her in the previous years. Although Asami wished to simply tell her father to never contact her again, she was moved to tears after hearing her father praise her as the "greatest thing [he] ever created". After being overwhelmed by nostalgia after seeing a father and daughter play Pai Sho in Avatar Korra Park, Asami returned to the prison, telling her father that she wished to play a game with him for old time's sake, even if she remained uncertain whether she could ever truly forgive him.[36]

Asami charging a Kuvira agent

Defending Prince Wu, Asami took down one of Kuvira's agents.

After the Fall of Zaofu, Korra returned to Republic City and Asami planned for the pair to have lunch with Mako. Reuniting for the first time in three years, Asami warmly embraced her friend, before Mako unexpectedly arrived with Prince Wu in tow. The reunion was more tense than expected, as Mako was surprised to hear that Korra had only sent replies to Asami's letters, while Asami snapped at Korra after she expressed distrust in her meetings with Hiroshi. After the prince's prolonged absence in the bathroom, Asami's friends began to be attacked, and they realized that Wu had been kidnapped by Earth Empire agents. Asami and Mako rushed to her car, pulling up next to Korra and chasing the van carrying Wu through the streets of Republic City. Although they managed to catch up to the vehicle, Asami realized that Wu had been moved someplace else. After Korra used her newfound abilities to connect to Wu's energy via the spirit vines, she realized that he was being taken to the train station. As they hurried to the station, the three friends boarded a train bound to Omashu and were able to find the prince stuffed inside a chest of luggage. Shortly thereafter, the group was apprehended by Earth Empire agents, and after a small skirmish on the train's rooftop, Korra used airbending to allow for the group's escape. Asami arranged for the prince to stay at the Sato estate in order to protect him against further threats.[33] With the three having mended their relationship, Asami also visited Korra on Air Temple Island and encouraged her to have hope for the future in spite of the many hardships that Korra had faced.[37]

Following Varrick's return to the city, Asami somewhat grudgingly agreed to work with him at the president's request to defend the city against an Earth Empire invasion after it was anticipated by the United Republic.[38] Asami began to draw up blueprints for a new mecha suit with the ability to fly, which was based on the movements of dragonfly hummingbirds, revealing her plans to the president along with her friends and Varrick.[39] Asami began developing several prototypes at her office, before ordering the suits to go into production at Future Industries factories.[40]

Hiroshi and Asami reconcile

Moments before heading out to attack the Colossus, Asami and Hiroshi reconciled their differences and told the other they loved them.

When Zhu Li revealed that Kuvira was planning to invade within two weeks, Team Avatar attempted to take out the spirit energy cannon before it could arrive in the city, but were shocked to find it being transported by a giant mecha suit named the Colossus, which blasted an energy beam in their direction. Asami returned to her factory with several allies to work on the hummingbird suits, where they were joined by Korra after she revealed that Raiko had surrendered after a devastating attack on the city. After attempting to force Kuvira to surrender by kidnapping Baatar Jr., they were forced to flee from the factory when Kuvira traced the radio signal and fired the cannon in Team Avatar's direction.[40] After her escape, Asami and Varrick retreated to her office in order to try to modify her prototypes, with all their other hummingbird suits having been destroyed. As the pair of engineers had trouble stabilizing the suits, Lin freed Hiroshi from prison and enlisted his help in the fight against Kuvira. After Hiroshi successfully fixed the issues with the suits, father and daughter shared a brief moment of tenderness before she piloted the mecha suit, with Hiroshi manning the welding torch. Asami flew the suit to the right thigh of the enormous suit, though were forced to abort the attempt several times to avoid being crushed by Kuvira. As they attempted to force an opening once Korra bent water from the canal on the suit and froze it, they started to weld again. When the Colossus started to break the ice, Asami warned they needed to leave, but Hiroshi only told his daughter that he loved her before ejecting her from the suit, crushed to death by Kuvira as soon as he had bored an opening for Korra and her allies.[41]

Having made a safe landing, Asami ran through the streets of Republic City, hiding inside a building once a wave of energy erupted from the Spirit Wilds As the smoke cleared out, Asami made her way to the epicenter, where a new spirit portal had been created. Realizing Korra and Kuvira were nowhere to be found, Asami searched the area with her friends for some time, before the spirits returned to the city, and Korra and Kuvira emerged from the spirit portal. Asami and Korra embraced each other along with their other friends, relieved to have saved the city.

Asami and Korra holding hands

Asami and Korra held hands and gazed at each other as they entered the spirit portal, marking the start of their romantic relationship.

Two weeks later, Asami attended Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding at Air Temple Island. After the ceremony, Asami interrupted a discussion between Korra and Tenzin, before sitting down with Korra. The Avatar apologized for being gone for three years, but Asami told her she did not need to apologize, as she was glad to be with Korra now, opening up about her grief for her father. As Korra comforted her, Asami noted her relief for being able to forgive him. Asami proposed a vacation after everything that had happened, and after Korra enthusiastically agreed, Asami proposed traveling to the Spirit World. Preparing for their expedition, they approached the portal, gazing romantically into each other's eyes and beginning their romantic relationship.[9] The couple traveled all across the Spirit World, flying, swimming, and hiking through the landscapes. After losing their supplies, they decided to head home, but not before sharing their first kiss. Instead of returning to Republic City, Korra took Asami through the Southern portal to meet Tonraq and Senna, revealing their newfound relationship to Korra's parents. Although the chief and his wife were delighted to hear about it, Korra grew upset after her father cautioned that some people might be less accepting, and left for Republic City via the spirit portals.[13]

Asami and Wonyong Keum

Having arrived back to Republic City, Asami encountered Wonyong Keum eight years after their last meeting.

Upon arriving back in Republic City, the couple discovered that the portal had become the site of a property dispute between Wonyong Keum, the land's original owner, and the airbenders, who claimed that the portal was now on sacred land. Remembering her father's own dealings with the greedy businessman, Asami confronted Keum before the group dispersed after a dragon eel spirit and urged Korra to close the portal. The couple returned to the city's evacuee camp, where Asami began to work on new housing plans with Zhu Li, and later attended Korra's meeting with the president, where he refused to intervene in the spirit portal's property dispute or to help the evacuees, due to the city's dire financial situations. The couple retreated to Air Temple Island, where Kya complimented the pair on their relationship, and offered her support to Korra and Asami after revealing her own sexuality. The pair were also met by Mako and Bolin, but they were interrupted where Jinora's spirit informed them of a conflict between spirits and the Triple Threat Triad at the portal. After the team arrived on location with Oogi, Asami was knocked unconscious by one of the triad members. She woke up to find the attackers defeated, and was kissed by Korra, revealing their relationship to the rest of their friends.[13]

Korra offers Asami help

Asami tried to dissuade Korra from attacking Jargala Omo, insisting she could handle the trouble herself.

The following day, Asami and Zhu Li began to work on planning the new homes for the evacuees, privately criticizing the president's handling of the situation. After seeing the president's hostile treatment of Korra even after her role in securing Kuvira's surrender, Asami urged Tenzin to run against Raiko. The airbender refused due to his greater commitments to the Air Nation, but proposed that Zhu Li could be an excellent candidate, which Asami found to be a brilliant suggestion. Asami and Korra spent some time together in her office, before Asami chose to stay and work for the rest of the night. Working late into the evening, she was approached by Jargala Omo of the Creeping Crystal Triad, who attempted to extort Asami into signing up for Creeping Crystal protection against Tokuga and the Triple Threats' turf wars. Asami rebuffed Jargala's offer and intimidated the triad members with her electrified glove, before arranging for extra security. She also told Korra about the incident, though persuaded her girlfriend not to worry about all of her troubles, and offered to take her on a date to Fan's Dumplings. Just as Asami was leaving for the night, the construction site was attacked by the Triple Threats, and the security forces were overwhelmed, with Asami being kidnapped.[42]

Korra tells Asami she loves her

Korra confessed her love for Asami, prompting Asami to tell Korra that she loved her, too.

Asami was transported to an abandoned refinery and chained to a fence with Keum, though she refused to socialize with the businessman. Asami also discovered that Tokuga had stolen some of Hiroshi's blueprints for a gas dispersion mechanism in order for a terrorist attack against the city and wanted her to work on the design. Asami rejected to help out Tokuga, but was forced to agree after he threatened to kill Keum, though secretly modified the design to disperse the gas inside the ship. However, to her surprise, she realized that she would also be on board the ship as a hostage, and tried to find gas masks for herself and Keum. When the gas was released, the other triad members were knocked out, but Tokuga's new spirit powers allowed him to survive the attack. Tokuga began to rip off her mask, but Korra soon arrived to her rescue, using her airbending to battle Tokuga and create a bubble of breathable air for everyone on board. Asami found her gas mask again and steered the airship to the spirit portal to protect the city, reorienting the ship to land in the Spirit World, and steering it to put Tokuga off-balance during his fight with Korra. After their crash landing, Keum relinquished his claim to the land in thanks of Korra and Asami saving him, and offered to do business with Future Industries later. Weeks later, Korra and Asami attended the election results announcement, and witnessed Zhu Li's acceptance speech as the United Republic's next president, where the couple took the opportunity to declare their love for one another.[43]

Asami warns Kuvira

When Kuvira remarked about possible difficulties in Asami and Korra's relationship, Asami angrily rebuffed the former leader of the Earth Empire.

Three months after the end of the United Republic's invasion, Asami attended Earth King Wu's announcement on the Earth Kingdom's democratic transition and the start of elections in the State of Gaoling. She also attended a meeting with President Moon, where Team Avatar learned of a faction of Earth Empire forces who refused to surrender in the very same region, led by Commander Guan. In a further meeting, Korra proposed taking Kuvira with them to convince the forces to stand down; Asami did not want to have anything to do with the woman who killed her father, but was willing to trust Korra's judgement. The president arranged for Kuvira's temporary release, while Team Avatar made their way to Gaoling on Asami's airship in order to oversee the situation. On the way, Asami warned that with one wrong move, she would be locked away and discharged from the mission. She told Kuvira that she did believe that people could change, but that it did not happen overnight, and she had every reason to be skeptical of her. After Guan's troops arrived in town, Asami activated an electrode belt that she had given Kuvira after the former dictator tried to attack the Earth Empire forces. The team was also confused after learning that Guan wished to run in the election, rather than reconquer the town in the name of the Earth Empire. The team agreed to convince Toph to run in the race and secure a victory for democracy.[44]

Mako Bolin Asami brainwashed

Asami, Mako, and Bolin were conscripted into the military of the Earth Empire after being brainwashed.

As Korra and Wu left to convince Toph to join, Asami, Mako and Bolin planned to escort Kuvira to confinement in Zaofu for the rest of the election cycle. However, the ship's controls had been sabotaged, and they were soon attacked by a force of Earth Empire soldiers. The group was brought to a reeducation camp and brainwashed by Doctor Sheng into serving the Earth Empire and considering Korra her enemy. Now a private in the Empire, Asami arrived at the Gaoling airfield just as Korra was trying to escape with the Metal Clan. Korra stayed for long enough to retrieve her brainwashed girlfriend, although Wu was kidnapped as a result.[45]

Asami attacks Sheng

Asami attacked Sheng in response to the scientist brainwashing her.

Asami and the others arrived in Zaofu, where she was confined at Suyin's estate. She snapped away Korra when the Avatar tried to comfort her, and was later taken to have her brainwashing reversed. Although the initial experiments gained little success in reversing the process, Baatar Jr. was able to find a solution after experimenting on Kuvira's untampered mind. Asami came to her senses and was given a comforting hug by Korra, only to be informed that Guan had been able to win their election during their time away. After Zhu Li ordered them to return to the city the following morning, Asami and Korra talked about the brainwashing in their bedroom, with Asami's girlfriend comforting her about the ordeal. However, Suyin alerted them to Kuvira's escape, and the couple flew to Gaoling on Juicy with Suyin, Toph, and Opal. Asami was able to stun Sheng in revenge for her brainwashing plot, while Kuvira was able to force Guan into surrender. Following the incident, her other friends and allies were freed of brainwashing, and the democratic transition was readjusted to account for appropriate time to deal with the issues within the nation. After returning to Republic City, Asami witnessed Kuvira enter a new guilty plea at her trial, and stated that even though it would take her a long time to forgive her for her part in her father's death, she was glad that Kuvira had been there to help.[46]


Asami ruffles Bolin's hair

A playful side to her, Asami happily ruffled Bolin's hair when he helped her seal a deal with Varrick.

Asami is a sweet and caring young woman, yet she is also independent and capable of fending for herself in tough situations.[1][47] Even though she is quite used to luxury due to her wealthy background, she does not think of herself as "daddy's little girl", despite what some may think,[1] and maintains a humble and modest demeanor, using her wealth and abilities to help others.[1][13][42] She generally strives to build a better future, both as a member of Team Avatar as well as in her position as a major business leader. As CEO of Future Industries, she is devoted to ensure that the company is run according to ethical practices.[10] When having to choose between making a profit and helping others, Asami generally opts for the latter.[12] Asami has also developed a tough side and is unafraid to stand up for what she believes in.[1][42]

Asami's high morality and judgment prevented her from developing any prejudice against benders in general, despite the murder of her mother at the hands of a bender.[8] In this regard, she remembered how Yasuko herself had never shown any resentment toward benders.[17][11] Asami was able to choose the moral high ground above the only family ties she still had left, her father, showcasing her devotion to justice.[8] However, despite her empathic and considerate outlook, Asami is also someone who can develop lasting grudges toward certain individuals. For years, she deeply disliked Wonyong Keum after the latter's perceived betrayal of a business deal with Future Industries.[13] The actions of her father Hiroshi especially demoralized Asami and the emotional scars of his betrayal would run deep for years to come.[17][36] Although retaining her moral compass and sense of justice, she became distinct, passive aggressive and, though rarely, even antagonistic toward people who wronged her. When fighting her father in a mecha tank, Asami was overwhelmed by rage and bitterness over his betrayal and almost killed him, only to be tempered by her moral judgement.[17] She also showed a hostile attitude toward Kuvira for killing her father and attempting to kill Korra, going as far as wanting to subject the former dictator to electric shocks in a platinum prison.[44][45]

Asami confronting Mako

Despite her kind and considerate demeanor, Asami is fully capable of standing up to those who have wronged her.

Asami's strong character is showcased best in the face of hardships and, although hurt and offended, she showed no spite toward Korra, even when she kissed her boyfriend, as she was less upset about the kiss itself and more upset about the fact that Mako kept it from her. Her caring nature was still prevalent, even after her break up with Mako, as she wished him well before he embarked on a dangerous mission.[16] She would ultimately forgive him, however, during their sting operation, seeing how determined the firebender was to help her and her family business.[48] However, she continued to feel resentment toward her father, burdened by his betrayal, the consequences of which carried through on a personal and business level. In contrast to her usual caring and sympathetic nature, she could muster no sympathy or forgiveness toward her father for years, desiring to hurt him as much as he had hurt her. However, after receiving a heartfelt apology and noticing how much he was suffering from his own guilt, she was willing to at least try to give him another chance and the two played Pai Sho during one visiting hour,[36] a gesture that helped Asami release her resentment toward him and start the process of forgiving him.[36][41]

Following Zaheer's defeat, Asami became closed off from her friends as they all went their separate ways. Although her business became successful once again, Asami felt distant and lonesome but remained in contact with Korra via letters for three years.[32] During that time, Asami was unable to get her mind off Korra and eventually realized that she had romantic feelings for the Avatar, though she did not confess her feelings out of fear of rejection.[13] After reuniting with Korra, Asami was noticeably conflicted. Despite being glad to have the Avatar back in her life, Asami expressed bitterness toward Korra for being gone for so long when snapping at her after she suggested Hiroshi was trying to manipulate her, showcasing her sentimentality.[32][36]


Combat skills[]

Asami electrifies barbarians

Asami jumped over her attacker while electrifying them.

Asami is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, and considered a capable martial artist.[47] From a young age, her father enrolled her in the best self-defense classes there were, so she would be able to protect herself. Her prowess was great enough to easily disarm the Equalists' Lieutenant and knock him out with his own weapon,[1] and she was similarly able to evade attacks from five chi-blockers before using an electrified glove to stun them.[15] Asami has also proven herself to be nimble; she was able to jump over a speeding motorcycle while kicking the rider off, still managing to land gracefully,[23] and also dodged an earthbending attack by a Red Lotus sentry before stunning him in one fluid motion.[31]

Business leader and engineer[]

Even before her father's fall from grace, Asami took an interest in the management of Future Industries and was considered an adept businesswoman. After the taking full control of the company, she led Future Industries through a difficult phase of reorganization and poor relations, yet ultimately succeeded in rebuilding it.[10] She is a hands-on-leader, preferring to work alongside and with her employees as well as involving herself in her company's research projects.[12]

Asami is considered a "genius technologist and inventor".[12] A practical thinker and highly capable engineer,[47] she is able to repair and construct vehicles with limited resources, such as when she improvised a makeshift sand-sailer using materials from a destroyed airship.[28] Her skill in engineering extends to major projects, as she was involved in developing the Future Industries airship.[49] Asami is also a skilled Pai Sho player, proving herself to be a good methodical strategist[27][47] and can pick locks with her hair pins, able to free Tenzin through this method in the Northern Air Temple.[30] Due to her morther's influence[11] and her time at Future Industries, Asami is a capable architect, capable of designing large amounts of houses in a short period of time.[13] She enjoys working as engineer, architect, and inventor.[12]

Other skills[]

Asami and Korra racing

As an expert driver, Asami often served as Team Avatar's chauffeur.

Asami is an expert driver, having learned through testing her father's Satomobiles, and is fully capable of rivaling Equalist motorcyclists. She can also drive motorboats and sand-sailers, skillfully being able to escape and divert enemies during speed chases,[28][48] and pilot small aircraft.[50] Having assisted her father in operating their company, Asami is capable of controlling any other vehicle engineered by Future Industries, such as mopeds, forklifts, and mecha tanks, which she noted were operated similarly.[23] As such, she has developed an keen eye on technology workmanship, being able to discern high-quality products from subpar ones, as evidenced when she criticized Cabbage Corp's airships for utilizing lighter materials.[23]

As a teacher, Asami is encouraging and supportive. She prizes an individual's own inventiveness when channeled appropriately, far more than her own ideas. She emphasizes thought over force and clever ideas over direct results. Asami wants those who learn from her to see how problems can be solved in many ways in addition to seeing how they can help others and do not always have to solve the problem on their own.[51]


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  • The lineage of the Sato family can be traced back to the first Fire Nation colonists.[52] Despite this, Asami has green eyes, like her mother, which are usually associated with people of Earth Kingdom descent, instead of the standard amber for those of Fire Nation descent.
  • Asami is the only known surviving member of the Sato family.
  • Seychelle Gabriel, Asami's voice actress, also portrayed Princess Yue in The Last Airbender, making her the only one to have had a role in both the live-action film and the animated series.
  • Bryan Konietzko conceived her as a Hollywood Golden Age actress in the Avatar World, with her hair inspired by Rita Hayworth.[53] Although having designed her before watching the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, Bryan Konietzko stated he was fine with saying that Asami's design was influenced by Lust and is flattered by the fact that people would think so, as "Lust is such a killer design".[54] He did, however, say that he used Lust's lipstick color for Asami.[53]
  • Asami, like Katara and Sokka, lost her mother to a firebender at a young age.
  • Asami is the third character, after Zuko and Toph Beifong, to have joined the Avatar and to have a father who is antagonistic toward them and their allies.
  • Asami's relationship with her father and history somewhat parallels Zuko's:
    • Both their fathers were antagonists to the Avatar and their actions led to a loss of their high social status for a period of time.
    • Both opposed their respective fathers' goals and labeled them to be "the worst father", eventually engaging in a duel with their fathers, who tried to kill them for their defiance.
    • Both assumed their father's mantle after his defeat and subsequent imprisonment and tried to restore the damage their fathers inflicted; Asami worked to renew Future Industries, while Zuko tried to restore the honor of his country.
  • Asami's relationship with her father is also similar to Toph's, as both had fathers who cared for them but in a way they disagreed with, and they also both eventually worked out their problems with their fathers.
  • Asami's relationship with her father is also similar to Teo's, as both discovered that their fathers were secretly building weapons for a cause that their children opposed.
  • Asami is the first nonbender to join the new Team Avatar, as well as the first nonbender to oppose the Equalists.
  • Asami is the only member of the new Team Avatar to have a known last name.
  • Meelo seems to have had a crush on her in Book One: Air, as shown when he called her a "beautiful woman" and when he asked for a piece of her hair.
  • The concept art for Book Two: Spirits at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 showed Asami wearing a pilot's outfit. This notable achievement as the only known woman to pilot an aircraft in the Avatar universe could be compared to Amelia Earhart, the first woman to pilot an aircraft solo.
  • Asami was originally envisioned as an antagonist, like her father, but after developing her character, the creators realized she would be better as an ally of Korra's.[55][56] Their plan was to make Asami an Equalist spy who would use Mako as a means to get close to the Avatar.[57]
  • Prior to confirmation of Book Two: Spirits, an early script for "Endgame" had Asami join the United Forces at the end of the episode.[58]
  • Asami used her inheritance to pay for lawyers after her father's arrest.[59]
  • Asami is the third person to be mistaken for the Avatar;[29] the first being Yun in The Rise of Kyoshi and the second being Sokka in the comic "Sokka the Avatar" and the episode "The Earth King".
  • Asami and her girlfriend, Korra, are the first known LGBTQIA+ individuals in the Avatar universe.
Preceded by
Hiroshi Sato
Chief Executive Officer of Future Industries
170 AG - present
Succeeded by


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