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Armadillo wolves are relatively violent beasts that roam the forested regions of the Earth Kingdom and the icy tundras of the polar Water Tribes. They are social predators that unwaveringly attack figures whom they deem as threats to their well-being.[1]


The armadillo wolf is a relatively large animal, similar both in build and size to the real life gray wolf. Armadillo wolves are slender animals with large descending rib cages and sloping backs. These quadrupeds possess four elongated legs that are considerably robust, with comparatively small paws. Armadillo wolves have a definite color pattern, with their body components being different shades of gray and blue. Their coats are comprised of short, coarse, and sparse fur, primarily light gray in color, with the exception of the underbelly and paws, which are white.

The species' hybridization is evident upon the examination of the armadillo wolf's back, which is protected by a thick plated armor, dark gray in pigmentation. The plates are formed by dermal bone covered in relatively small, overlapping scales resembling the scutes of armadillos. In addition to those concealing its back, rigid shields are present over the shoulders and along the entire length of an armadillo wolf's tail. Lastly, additional armor covers a portion of the creature's head, giving the impression that it is masked. In accordance to their namesake, the armadillo, armadillo wolves lack protective casing on their underbellies, which instead are covered in soft, white fur. Dark blue stripes appear on certain parts of the creature's body, most specifically underneath the protective casing.


A pack of armadillo wolves preparing to pounce.

As aforementioned, armadillo wolves are extremely violent and will not hesitate on attacking passersby if alarmed. Their protective coating and speed make them formidable opponents and provide hindrance for those attempting to defeat them in an altercation. They are highly territorial and will approach anyone in close proximity to the land from where they gather food.

Armadillo wolves are social creatures that tend to travel in packs of three or more. As a group, armadillo wolves can successfully ambush prey and fellow predators by working jointly in depleting their energy.

In battle, armadillo wolves tend to attack from a variety of angles, pausing first at respectable distances before pouncing. They tend to do so in succession in order to prevent resistance and any possible countermeasures. When subdued, they roll over with their paws erected upward, much like the armadillo.


The armadillo wolf bears similar behavioral patterns and physical components to both of its namesakes. The creature closely resembles the gray wolf in terms of overall physical structure and behavioral patterns. The armadillo wolf is equally comparable to the armadillo, mostly due to the presence of a protective armor.


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