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This article is about the hybridized creature. For the Earth Kingdom rebels, see Armadillo Bears.

The armadillo bear is a chimerical hybrid of an armadillo and a bear.[1]


An armadillo bear was considered a "monster" by a Fire Nation village after two children returned from the forest claiming to have seen something huge and furry moving behind the bushes. Sokka set out to defeat the beast, thinking it was only Appa, in order to earn money. Sokka attempted to put on a show for the villagers, pointedly asking the beast to do the same. The armadillo bear turned to roar at Sokka, who quickly realized his mistake. Appa arrived to confront the armadillo bear and headbutted it. The armadillo bear curled up into a defensive ball, before being knocked away by Appa's tail.[2]


The armadillo bear is an enormous animal, its size rivaling that of a sky bison. It has the body and general appearance of a bear, but its tail, head, and back are covered with a protective shell like an armadillo.


Armadillo bears are known to be extremely bad tempered and are easily provoked. Upon being challenged, armadillo bears will stand their ground and attempt to beat their opponent. However, once they realize they are outmatched, they will curl up into a protective ball.[2]


The armadillo bear is a combination of an armadillo and a bear.


  • When the armadillo bear curls up into its protective shell, it appears to shrink in size considerably.
  • The armadillo bear was mentioned by Team Avatar as they were discussing what type of bear Earth King Kuei might have.[1]
  • The Armadillo Bears were a large group of Earth Kingdom rebels fighting Fire Nation rule during the Hundred Year War.[3]


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