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This article is about the real world.
For a similarly named game, see Legends of the Arena. For the location, see Pro-bending Arena.
"Create your own character and challenge the world's best benders."
— Tagline

Arena is a single-player fighting game, in which one creates and customizes his or her own bending character, and uses their abilities to defeat opponents of the same and other nations.


"Decades prior to the Great War, all four nations were living in harmony under Avatar Kyoshi's watch. In a competitive spirit, the very best Bending Masters from all four Nations gathered in a unique tournament. A tournament that would forever be remembered. Under Kyoshi's watchful eye, all Masters bent it out until the 20 best were remaining. Whoever would win against such opponents would not only win fortune, but eternal remembrance as well."

The player assumes the role of a bender in the tournament, fighting several benders of various types to achieve victory. The tournament takes place all around the world, letting the player visit every nation as they defeat their various opponents.


Avatar arena

The player (left), an earthbender, faces off against a waterbender (right).

When beginning the game, the player chooses one of the four nations from which their character will be, then customizes the look of the character. After this, the player may choose one of two modes, "Training" or "Tournament".

There are three types of moves: Attack, Defense, and Chi Attack. Both Attack moves and Defense moves have three different levels of complexity; the higher level used, the more damage or defensiveness it provides. The chi attack takes a long time to charge up but is powerful when used successfully. All four nations' benders differ in appearance, but are mechanically identical in terms of gameplay.

Game Modes[]


Tranining mode

Training mode allows the player to hone their skills.

In the "Training" mode of the game, the player is set with the task of destroying a large statue as quickly as possible. The statue does not attack the player or block their attacks.


In the "Tournament" mode, the player faces the twenty masters, all of whom are the twenty highest scorers in the game. The player must defeat the opponent in a best-of-three match to advance through the tournament; he or she scores more points for defeating the opponent more quickly. Of course, the opponents increase in difficulty as the player advances through the game. At the end of each match (if won), the time taken to defeat the opponent is shown, as well as the points gained and total points scored. To win in the "Tournament" mode, the player must defeat all twenty opponents. This does not, however, guarantee them a spot as one of the twenty "masters"; they must score high enough to place in the top twenty high scorers.

Tournament Opponents[]

20. Nomis – Waterbender

19. Wild Haggis – Airbender

18. Galtor – Earthbender

17. Cirederf – Firebender

16. Hamish – Earthbender

15. Master Sean – Airbender

14. Raidster – Firebender

13. Tween Sage – Waterbender

12. Pedoncuiak – Earthbender

11. Una – Waterbender

10. Hell-ene – Waterbender

09. FrostYvan – Airbender

08. Masterl Abdel – Airbender

07. ZukoGranGran – Firebender

06. StephBeauce – Earthbender

05. Bigoudididi – Waterbender

04. Madd Dogg – Earthbender

03. Fire Tongue – Firebender

02. Nhommos – Airbender

01. Torniol – Firebender


The background changes at designated intervals throughout the tournament. Here is a list of backgrounds and when they appear.

Battles 20. to 17. – Eastern Air Temple

Battles 16. to 11. – Earth Rumble VI

Battles 12. to 09. – Northern Water Tribe

Battles 08. to 04. – Crescent Island Fire Temple

Battles 03. to 01. – Ba Sing Se


General Moveset
Attack Defense
Quick Attack - Deals very low damage, but can be activated very quickly. Quick Block - Completely protects from Quick Attacks. Not effective against Medium or Heavy attacks.
Medium Attack - Deals moderate damage, but takes longer to activate than a Quick Attack. Medium Block - Completely protects from Quick and Medium Attacks. Not effective against Heavy Attacks, but prevents getting knocked down.
Heavy Attack - Deals very large damage, but takes much longer to activate than either the Quick or Medium attacks. Heavy Block - Completely protects from Quick, Medium, and Heavy Attacks. Does not protect from Chi Attack.
Chi Attack - A bender's ultimate attack that needs to be charged. Once the attack is fully charged, it is performed automatically, and needs to be charged again to repeat. Deals massive damage, but is drawn back by its extremely lengthy charge time.


  • AttackSpace Down, Down, Space Up, Down, Space
  • Defense: Left Left, Space Down, Left, Space


  • Attack: Space Down, Left, Space Left, Up, Space
  • Defense: Left Left, Space Left, Left, Space


  • Attack: Space Right, Right, Space Down, Right, Space
  • Defense: Left Left, Space Left, Left, Space, Space


  • Attack: Space Up, Space Down, Up, Space
  • Defense: Left Left, Space Up, Left, Space


"Strike your opponent with the most powerful bending move. Hold Down, and repeatedly press the Spacebar to fill the chi bar!"

While continuously holding the Down arrow key, one can repeatedly tap the space-bar at a fast pace to fill the "chi bar". Once the Chi Bar is full, the bender automatically performs a specialized attack. This attack deals massive damage when compared to the other attacks the bender can use, but takes very, very long to charge.


  • Although the character creation screen has a "Name" option, there currently seems to be no way to change the player character's name.
  • The earthbenders, firebenders, and airbenders are all male. The waterbenders, on the contrary, are all female.
  • All the airbenders in this game have tattoos, indicating that they were all masters.
  • All the waterbenders in this game have a water skin and a betrothal necklace.
  • When a player puts "Body 3" on an airbender, it resembles Aang's clothing in Book Three.
Momo cameo

Momo makes a cameo appearance in the game.

  • When a player puts "Head 1" on a firebender, a mark on the side of the face resembles Zuko's scar.
  • When a player creates a character, there is a gate in the background that resembles the entrance to the Serpent's Pass.
  • When creating a character, if a player presses the "M" key, their character's face will temporarily be covered by that of Momo's.
  • The waterbending chi attack is the same technique Katara used against Huu in the Foggy Swamp.

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