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The Arctic camel,[1] also known as the camel yak,[2] is a thick-furred, dual-humped animal utilized by the people of the Southern Water Tribe as a beast of burden. They are strong, resilient to the cold, and can be ridden through rough, snowy terrain.[3]


Unalaq and Korra met at Arctic camel stalls for the beginning of their training together in the ways of the spirits. Later that day, the two were joined by Mako, Bolin, Tonraq, Desna, and Eska, and while they gathered to take a trip, Unalaq and Mako rode on Arctic camels.[3]

The Northern military also used these animals.[4]


The Arctic camel is a large animal with four muscular legs that end in hooves. Its fur is thick, shaggy, and predominantly white with a gray strip running over its vertebrae and humps. The animal's head is also gray.[3]


The Arctic camel is a useful animal to the people living in the South Pole, as this docile creature can be used for transportation and to carry supplies. Its thick fur protects it from the harsh climate of the South Pole,[3] making it the perfect animal to take on long trips into the frozen tundra.


This animal bears a striking resemblance to the real-world camel, most noticeably the Bactarian camel. This particular species of camel found in the cold steppe of Mongolia also has heavy fur and two humps. However, modern camels do not inhabit polar regions and their pelages are not as thick as that of the Arctic camel.


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