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"Can we please buy a new saddle? Riding bareback is terrifying!"
Toph to Team Avatar.[1]

The first saddle was used by Team Avatar until their stay at the Northern Water Tribe.

Appa's saddle was a saddle used by Team Avatar. The saddle was placed on Appa as a supportive structure for the riders, enabling them to remain safe and comfortable. It could also carry a number of items, as well as provide an ample place to rest.


There were three different types of saddles for Appa. The first saddle was brown, with four holes that served as handles and also had decorative and protective functions. Appa's fur was braided through the oval holes to hold the saddle on his back.[2] The second saddle was like the first, but it was blue and brown and had two holes, one on each side. The third saddle had a slightly darker color, smaller edges than the other saddles, and was made of wood.


The first saddle was on Appa when Katara and Sokka rescued him, along with Aang, from the iceberg in which they had been imprisoned for one hundred years.[3] During the journey to the Northern Water Tribe and through the Earth Kingdom, many people traveled on it at one time or another. At the North Pole, the team exchanged the first saddle for the second one. Sokka and Yue used it for a flight where they saw the fleet of Fire Nation ships approaching, and it was used by Aang in the Siege of the North.[4]

The third saddle was procured sometime between Aang's loss of consciousness and reawakening in the spring of 100 AG.

When Appa was captured by sandbenders outside the library in the Si Wong Desert, the saddle was removed and discarded as useless by them.[5] After Appa and Team Avatar's reunion at Lake Laogai,[6] they had to endure several flights without any saddle. Its absence was noticeable for the gang because the flight was dangerous and uncomfortable; Toph remarked, "Can we please buy a new saddle? Riding bareback is terrifying!"[1]

The third saddle was procured sometime after the gang, the Earth King, and Bosco fled Ba Sing Se and before the comatose Aang's awakening some weeks later.[7] It was used until the end of the Hundred Year War[8] and beyond. It served a special purpose in the invasion of the Fire Nation because of the armor added to it. The saddle was used to carry all the young people who participated in the invasion away to safety.[9]



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