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Armored Appa

Sokka fashioned heavy armor for Appa to wear during the Day of Black Sun.

Appa's armor was a set of protective plates worn by Appa during the invasion of the Fire Nation as a shield from the various defenses that the Fire Nation's Domestic Forces employed, including fireballs, spears, and other projectiles. Invented, drafted, and constructed by Sokka, the armor was durable and custom-made for a flying bison to use in combat.[1] The armor had the drawback of being cumbersome, however, causing Appa to tire quickly.


In the summer of 100 AG, Toph committed several scams in Fire Fountain City to raise money to buy necessities for the team. However, these scams caused attention to be raised in the town, and Sokka discovered a wanted poster for her. In order to keep the poster "[their] little secret", Toph bribed him with a purse of the money she had earned. Sokka used this money to fund his idea of making armor for Appa.[2]

Sokka began making the suit of armor during Team Avatar's stay at the Black Cliffs.[3] He originally built the armor with an Air Nomad insignia engraved on the front of the headpiece, but it was not incorporated in the final design when Appa wore it during the invasion of the Fire Nation.[4]

After the invasion force was defeated at the Fire Nation Capital, Appa continued to wear the armor on the way to the Western Air Temple,[5] though was not known to wear it ever again after that.


Appa's armor was made of metal and brown leather and contained multiple compartments, including a "pocket" to hold smoke bombs and other weapons. There were also two large water barrels capable of being attached to either side, enabling Katara or any other waterbender to bend large amounts of water while safely riding atop the sky bison.[1]


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