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The Anti-Corruption Task Force was a division of the military of the Earth Kingdom that operated in Ba Sing Se during the adolescence of Avatar Kyoshi. Its intention was to root out violent daofei from the Earth Kingdom capital, although Earth King Yi Ming intended to use the task force to deal with anything perceived as a threat during Kyoshi's absence.


In an attempt to curb criminal activities in the Earth Kingdom, Avatar Kyoshi founded a task force dedicated to rooting out dangerous daofei gangs and dealing with violent criminals. While under her direction, the task force only targeted daofei who were involved in violent criminal activities.[1] The anti-corruption task force liked to make regular stops at Loongkau's Lucky Pocket, an area in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se that housed a good number of daofei gangs. However, the warren of underground market stalls made it hard for them to single them out.[2] Ambassador Quin of the Fire Nation was a great proponent of the task force, and encouraged the Earth King to officially adopt the task force.[3]

When Kyoshi had to leave Ba Sing Se to deal with important business elsewhere, she put the task force under direct control of Earth King Yi Ming. After the Avatar left, the Earth King redirected the task force, calling it an "anti-corruption task force", and used it to threaten all criminals in the city, especially those who threatened the Earth King's power.[3] The cunning group known as the Fanged Mercenaries took advantage of this by framing their rivals, and having the task force take them down.[3]

When Ambassador Quin's children were kidnapped, she informed the task force at once, and their leader, Captain Yong, dispatched his deputies. An ex-daofei named Mengyao was identified as a likely suspect, due to a distinctive arrow found at the crime scene.[3] The task force took advantage of the kidnapping, and used it as an excuse to round up all the criminals they wanted, regardless of whether they had anything to do with the crime, and cared little if the children were found.[4][1] Captain Yong hoped that by arresting several daofei, someone would confess to the crime, and that he could also earn an accolade for himself. Ordinary citizens in the Lower Ring were sometimes targeted, and many people in the Lower Ring began to bear a grudge toward the task force.[1]

As the task force was dragging its feet, Ambassador Quin began to grow frustrated at their inaction, and deployed her own personal guard to find her children.[1] The Earth King and his ministers began to put pressure on Yong to find the children first, as the king was determined to prove that the Earth Kingdom could take care of its own criminals. Quin invoked diplomatic immunity to use her own guards, but the king saw this as a direct insult to his capabilities as a ruler, and as such, Yong deployed guards to monitor and hinder Tan and the Fire Nation's soldiers.[3]


The task force was made up of Earth Kingdom soldiers, and charged with cleaning up troublesome daofei in Ba Sing Se. Under Kyoshi, they acted like a scalpel, cutting out the dangerous elements from the Lower Ring to allow the citizens to live in relative safety and security.

Under Captain Yong's direction, they acted more like a hammer, smashing any criminals or dangerous elements opposing the Earth King. They raided businesses and homes at the slightest provocation, and looked for anyone who may be a daofei. The task force was comprised of many earthbenders, though they were not as well-trained as most of the Fire Army. Yong allowed the task force to pick fights with soldiers from Ambassador Quin's personal guard, as well as ordinary citizens in the Lower Ring.[5]

Notable members[]

  • Captain Yong