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The following information is not considered to be part of the main continuity.
"She uses her shadow like a whip ... bringing enemies to their knees!"
Yahshi introducing Analay to Team Avatar.[1]

Analay was a bender who specialized in a unique form of bending called shadowbending.[1]


Analay was one of the four benders that Yahshi scouted for Team Avatar. After showing off her unique shadowbending abilities and tickling Avatar Aang with shadows, the gang began to discuss whether or not to recruit her. However, just as they were about to announce their decision, Analay and the three other benders left to start their own group after deciding that they did not like being judged.[1]


Analay is a shadowbender capable of fashioning her shadow into weapons such as whips to bind people from a distance. She is also capable of creating shadow constructs that she can control using her abilities, as she created a shadow wolf with which she travels.[1]


Avatar comics[]

Bonus stories[]


  • It was said in the comic that Analay used her shadow like a whip. This would mean that her style resembled waterbending and firebending, as whips were only seen within those bending principles.
  • Analay was accompanied by an unnamed wolfbat-like creature.
  • Analay is a fanmade character entered in the 2006 Nickelodeon Magazine contest where readers sent in their own created characters to be featured in the comic "New Recruits".[2]


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