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Akanah is the headmistress of the Dragon Flats Reform School. She hopes to run an institution which can truly provide opportunities for some of Republic City's worst students in the underprivileged Dragon Flats borough.[1][2]


Before the Dragon Flats Reform School was established, Akanah was a local teacher in the borough. When socialite Ruo Ling announced she wanted to spend money on a school for some of the city's worst students, Akanah agreed to build and govern the school with her. Akanah was aware that Ruo Ling simply wanted to use the project to bolster her celebrity status and dodge taxes. However, she realized that the plan would still give her access to Ruo's resources, with an opportunity to truly build an institution of value for Dragon Flats.

Akanah did not have enough funding from Ruo to spend on everything, and looked to spend what she could on renovating important aspects of the school building. She wanted to tear down the vining kudzu covering the school, but Ruo thought it made it look distinguished. Akanah used the funds to hire the best teachers she could find. Many of the teachers she found were ostracized or exiled from other academies, not out of incompetence, but because they protested poor conditions, or made an enemy of a wealthy parent.[1] Akanah was able to quietly direct some of Ruo's money from vanity projects to real improvements to the school, such as using the funds she promised would spend on a large monument to the founder to go to hiring teachers for two new classrooms instead.[2]

Eventually, part of the school's main building collapsed in the night. Although nobody was hurt, the incident left the school significantly damaged. It was not the sort of damage that Akanah could look to a few earthbenders to fix easily, since the school's plumbing and electrical wiring had also been dramatically compromised. The sort of construction expertise needed to fix the school were far beyond the headmistress's budget. Without more yuan, they could not go on running the school. Akanah knew that Ruo was not going to shell out more money than she absolutely had to, especially because the school was already behind in building the socialite's latest vanity project.

Many suspected that the collapse was a result of Terra Triad sabotage, as the situation left the school vulnerable to the exact sort of sabotage that Steely Ning could benefit from. A triad representative came to meet with the headmistress to offer their help and support, but Akanah knew that any money they offered would come with endless strings attached. She was in need of help from those that could help her find money, and who could help protect the school from further triad sabotage.[2]


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