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Wingsuits enable airbenders to easily soar through the sky without the use of a glider staff.

The airbender wingsuit is an outfit designed by Asami Sato and constructed by Future Industries sometime between 171 AG and 174 AG that enable airbenders to fly without the need of an airbender staff.[1] With fabric attached to the legs and arms that flares open due to the wind, the airbender wearing the suit is afforded more maneuverability and aerodynamic movement, enabling the user to have greater control over their motions in the air. While unused, the wings are attached to the hips and torso with press snap buttons.[2]


Kai and Opal wore their wingsuits when they arrived in Yi.

By 174 AG, the airbenders of the Air Nation had taken to wearing wingsuits as their common attire. When Kai and Opal arrived in the capital of the Earth Kingdom state of Yi on Lefty, they jumped off the flying bison and used their airbending to flare out their wings in order to safely soar down and stop a robbery in progress. Later, when the duo was transporting supplies to the starving residents of Yi, they were attacked in the air by bandits and Kai's suit was sliced during the ensuing fight. Due to the ripped wing, he could no longer soar and plummeted toward the ground. He was saved, however, by Opal who jumped after him and stabilized his flight by using her own suit to serve as his damaged right wing.[2]

Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo wore their wingsuits while they were tracking Korra through the Earth Empire. Ikki and Meelo flew to a small town with them after Jinora told them off. The next day, Meelo demonstrated the suit can also be used to glide down in a straight line before he tried flirting with Tuyen. Ikki chased after a flying squirrel, but lost concentration and crashed after hitting a branch. She was subsequently spotted by two soldiers of the military of the Earth Empire and was unable to fly away in time, getting trapped by the earthbenders. When they finally found Korra in the Foggy Swamp, all three children jumped off Pepper and flew to her to greet her again.[3]


The wingsuit is designed in form-fitting fabric that allows for little wind resistance during flight. It opens and closes with a zipper across the torso and is colored in the Air Nation colors, being predominately red with accents of yellow and gray. When not used, the wings of the suit are kept tightly against the body with press snaps on the hips and torso, preventing them from being able to flare out and become damaged during walking and other activities.[2]


Opal saved Kai by serving as a replacement for the damaged right wing of his suit.

Similar to the glider staff, the fabric of the wingsuit is vulnerable to being ripped, which impairs its ability to support the wearer with air currents and causes the airbender to spiral down uncontrollably.[2]


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