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Air Temple Island ferry

The ferryboat crosses Yue Bay toward Air Temple Island.

The Air Temple Island ferry is a sailboat used by Tenzin and the Air Acolytes to travel back and forth between Air Temple Island and Republic City.[1]


After Tenzin managed to acquit Korra of her offenses at the police headquarters, he took her to Air Temple Island on this boat. While standing on the deck, Tenzin pondered over his next course of action as Korra stood on the stern post, looking out toward the city as it became increasingly distant.[1]

After discovering Hiroshi Sato to be a member of the Equalists, Asami, Mako, and Bolin designated Air Temple Island as their new residence and traveled there via sailboat. Air Acolytes manned the vessel and unloaded the cargo once the boat reached its destination.[2]

During the Equalists' attack on Republic City, Team Avatar used this boat to travel from Air Temple Island to the city's port.[3]


  • The boat's design and appearance is similar to a Chinese junk, an early sailing ship built during the second century.


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