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The term "Air Nomad pilgrim" has not been confirmed by official sources.

This Air Nomad pilgrim was an author who sought out Guru Laghima around 3,829 BG. The pilgrim's account of the meeting with the philosopher was later included in a famous book titled Poems of Laghima.


In their youth, the pilgrim ventured to the Northern Air Temple with the intention of meeting Laghima, who had already become famous as a philosopher and poet. From the air temple, an Air Nomad used their glider to fly to a nearby mountain, where the guru had opted to live alone.

As the pilgrim touched down near the mountain's peak, their papers and writing utensils were scattered by the wind. The traveller panicked for a moment, but after collecting everything, they walked up the remaining way. There, an airbender met Laghima, who agreed to entertain their questions regarding wisdom as the pilgrim sat down nearby, writing down his words.

Eventually, however, the Air Nomad pilgrim paused writing, noticing that the guru was doing something. To their amazement, the pilgrim saw Laghima slowly levitate upward. As the guru told the visitor that "wisdom is formless, for only the wind remains when all else is gone", he flew into the sky. The resulting wind scattered their papers once more, yet this time a pilgrim remained fixated on the guru's achievement of having discovered the secret to weightlessness.[1]


The story of how the pilgrim met Laghima and the answers he gave them were recorded in at least one edition of a book, Poems of Laghima,[1][2] which remained widely read across the four nations for thousands of years.[2]


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