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"Now that you're the Avatar, it's kind of an unfair advantage for whichever team you're on."
— The boy telling Aang why he was not allowed to join their air scooter game.[1]

The Air Nomad boy was one of Aang's old Air Nomad friends from before the Hundred Year War. This airbending nomad lived in the Southern Air Temple. He was a tall and slender boy around Aang's age.


This boy, along with Aang, was among the children who went to the Eastern Air Temple to choose a flying bison.[2]

He was also present when Aang taught his friends an airbending technique called the air scooter and was the first to try. He successfully created the scooter, but fell on his back when he attempted to ride it. After practicing for some time, he finally mastered the trick and even created a game with his friends; however, when Aang came to play with them, the boy told him he could not, saying that because Aang was the Avatar, his team would carry an unfair advantage. This exclusion from his friends prompted Aang to sadly walk away, while this boy asked the others who wanted Jinju on their team.[1]

This boy was killed with the rest of the Air Nomads during the Air Nomad Genocide when the four air temples were attacked by the Fire Nation.


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)

Book Two: Earth (土)


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