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This article is about the gang of firebenders in Republic City. For the firebending duel, see Agni Kai. For the gang of firebenders in Cranefish Town, see firebender gang. For other gangs, see Triads in the United Republic.

The Agni Kai Triad is an organized crime unit consisting solely of firebenders.[2] It is a rival gang of the Triple Threat and Red Monsoon Triads, with whom they often engage in turf wars.[3]


In 158 AG, the Agni Kai Triad broke into the Sato estate. During the robbery, one of the members killed Yasuko Sato, Hiroshi Sato's wife, an event that caused Hiroshi to develop a deep hatred for all benders and eventually join the Equalists.[4]

When Mako and Korra approached Skoochy in Central City Station for information regarding Bolin's whereabouts, he mentioned that all the gangs, including the Agni Kai Triad, the Triple Threats, and the Red Monsoons, were recruiting extra muscle for something big.[3]

Detonating device

A triad member detonated the bombs at the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center.

Six months after the conclusion of the Anti-bending Revolution, several members of the Agni Kai Triad were hired to bomb the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center during a Southern parade for peace in the Water Tribe Civil War. However, as two of the triad members made their escape, they were discovered by Mako, who was standing guard. The three got into a scuffle, during which one of the triad members detonated a bomb using a remote control, causing significant damage to the cultural center. Although one of the triad members was hit by Mako's bending, in the resulting confusion they all managed to escape in a waiting Satomobile.[5] Mako later suspected that the Agni Kais had been hired by Varrick, given that the technology to manufacture such remote controls belonged exclusively to his company.[6]

Around 174 AG, the rivalry between the Creeping Crystal Triad and the Terra Triad threatened to escalate into an all-out turf war for control of the Dragon Flats borough. However, neither crime group really wanted to fight such a conflict, knowing that both sides would probably lose more than they would gain. The Agni Kai Triad, then led by Zinji, recognized this as the perfect opportunity: If the Creeping Crystals and Terras mauled each other, the Agni Kais could subsequently overrun both. Zinji thus organized his followers into posing as Creeping Crystals or Terras and stage incidents in the Dragon Flats borough to further escalate tensions. This activity was noticed by Xin, though the community organizer initially could not convince the Creeping Crystal Triad and Terra Triad of the Agni Kais' conspiracy.[1] Meanwhile, Agni Kai Triad members also tried to blackmail the influential information broker Gantulga[7] and kidnapped Kimiko, an inventor who had designed mini unmanned mech.[8] When the Creeping Crystals attempted to organize a highly profitable illegal auction at the Stoneriver Auction House, Agni Kais threatened the establishment's owner Jiro to either prevent the event or suffer the consequences.[9]

Known members[]

  • Fukyo (formerly)[7]
  • Zinji (leader)[1]


  • The Agni Kai Triad is a reference to typical 1920s American mobsters.
  • Their name is a reference to the traditional firebending duel, Agni Kai.


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