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Afiko, known as the Betrayer, was an airbender from the Southern Air Temple who revealed the location of his home to the Fire Nation, after which the country's army raided it during the Air Nomad Genocide. Made notorious by this betrayal, Afiko was charged with treason in 5 AG and later executed by decree of Fire Lord Sozin.


A bitter jealousy

Born in the Southern Air Temple, Afiko was seemingly normal growing up, but he grew jealous when Aang's identity as the Avatar was announced. Envious, Afiko betrayed his people by revealing the temple's location to the Fire Nation.[1]


Fire Nation soldiers stormed the temple and slaughtered the other monks, but they were too late to catch Aang, who had run away from home shortly before the assault. Afiko was instrumental in engineering the genocide of his fellow Air Nomads, earning a place as Fire Lord Sozin's close adviser. He also seemed to have aided Sozin in attacking the Earth Kingdom, in that he is often shown blocking or dispersing earthbending attacks and attacking earthbenders. The traitorous monk died long before Aang's return and the subsequent undermining of all Afiko's work. In the end, despite his loyalty to the Fire Nation and his achievements, historical records indicate that Afiko met his demise in the war's fifth year, as Fire Lord Sozin had him killed for being a traitor.[1]


Known appearances in cards

Card number Card name Type Rarity
8 Whirling Debris strike rare
101 Bad Breath advantage rare
131 Afiko, bringer of ill winds ally rare
143 Chi Absorption strike uncommon
145 Graceful Leap strike uncommon
173 Hollow Soul Hurricane strike Zenemental
218 Afiko chamber common
219 Afiko chamber common
220 Afiko chamber uncommon
221 Afiko chamber common
222 Afiko chamber uncommon
223 Afiko chamber rare


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