"Adaptation" is the thirteenth chapter of The Rise of Kyoshi.


Jianzhu returns home to Yokoya and must cover for the murder of Kelsang and Yun.


Jianzhu enters his mansion in Yokoya to discover a "silent chaos" among his staff. He gives himself no time to grieve for Kelsang and asks them what has happened at the house. After no one answers him, he realizes that they are paralyzed with fear. Jianzhu asks them where Kyoshi is and Mui answers that no one knows where she is gone. She explains that Kyoshi left in a rampage with an ax in her hand but that of their guests had seen her leave.

Jianzhu finds Hei-Ran in the aisle of the galley. Hei-Ran mentions that he looks like he was "spat out by a badgermole". Jianzhu tells Hei-Ran what happened to Kelsang and Yun in a way that makes him mostly sound innocent. He lies that the spirit took Yun and Kelsang, but Kyoshi ran off in a grudge against him for it. Hei-Ran slaps Jinazhu across the face and asks what he is going to do about it. Hei-Ran believes his fable and says that she will help him get the Avatar back as quickly as possible.

Without knowing that Rangi had already gone with Kyoshi, Hei-Ran states that she will send her to hunt Kyoshi down. Hei-Ran rings a bell that calls her staff; Rin arrives and is told to fetch Hei-Ran's daughter. Rin shrieks that Rangi left with Kyoshi and fearfully apologizes for not stopping them from leaving. Hei-Ran orders her to immediately leave her sight. Jianzhu waits until the servant girl is out of sight, then tries to blame Hei-Ran for whatever may happen to Rangi. He adds that they are fortunate that Rangi will keep Kyoshi safe until they find her. Hei-Ran argues that Rangi is trained in "escape and evasion", which will make it very difficult for them to find Kyoshi.

Hei-Ran's face fills with anguish as she reminds him that their beloved friend Kelsang is gone. She is sickened that instead of mourning him, they are distracted by hunting down the Avatar. Jianzhu reminds her that they all made a promise to Kuruk that they would find the next Avatar and that finding Kyoshi is the best way to honor Kelsang. Hei-Ran worries that the girls will get involved with one of Chamberlain Hui's allies. Jianzhu ensures that it is unlikely Kyoshi even knows who he is and that it's worth bruising his reputation if it means bringing the Avatar back home.

Jianzhu asks Hei-Ran to write a letter to Professor Shaw from the Ba Sing Se University asking him to bring shirshus for them. He adds that she should bribe him with a Water Tribe painting. As a citizen of the honorable Fire Nation, Hei-Ran is slightly revolted by the mention of bribery but goes along with it anyway.

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