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This abbey is located near the shores of the Mo Ce Sea in the northern United Republic of Nations,[1] formerly the northwestern Earth Kingdom. The building, which is over four hundred years old, incorporates traditional Earth Kingdom architecture. Having a basic design of high walls and a large courtyard, this abbey reflects the simple life of the nuns who dwell within it. Though it is situated in the Earth Kingdom, the nuns came to claim the abbey as neutral grounds during the Hundred Year War. However, as a result of its location, many Fire Nation battles took place in the surrounding area and the abbey often suffered collateral damage.

During the War, large quantities of organic perfumes and oils were produced at the abbey to be sold throughout the world.[2] The nuns were keen on tidiness and were quick to reprimand anyone who littered on their grounds.[3]

Following the Hundred Year War, the abbey's territory was integrated into the United Republic of Nations.[1]


Bato's room was decorated to look like a typical Southern Water Tribe home.

During a clash between Fire Nation soldiers and the warriors of the Southern Water Tribe, Bato, a good friend of Hakoda, had been badly wounded and was forced to stay behind while the rest of the warriors traveled on toward the eastern Earth Kingdom. Hakoda carried the injured warrior to this abbey and entrusted him to the good care of the resident nuns. While recovering from his burns, Bato ran into Avatar Aang, Sokka, and Katara, who had been camping on the nearby beach, and invited them to take refuge in the abbey as well. During his stay there, one of the many rooms of the abbey was converted to appear more like a typical Water Tribe home, decorated with animal skins and a ceremonial raccoon headpiece.

Katara used the nuns' self-made perfume to confuse Nyla's sense of smell.

After the group's departure, the abbey's door was destroyed when June's shirshu, Nyla, ran it down. June, Iroh, and Zuko had been using Katara's necklace to track down the waterbender and in proxy, Aang, but quickly realized that their prey was no longer at the abbey and left. After paralyzing and capturing Sokka and Katara, the trio returned to the abbey in search of Aang, who came gliding in to rescue his friends. While Appa engaged Nyla and June, a duel broke out between Aang and Zuko. Meanwhile, the nuns used the scent of their perfume to revive Sokka and Katara. After Nyla had managed to incapacitate Appa, he and June proceeded to assist Zuko, turning their attention to capturing the Avatar. Since June's shirshu used its nose to detect its surroundings, Sokka masterminded the idea of "blinding" the creature by disrupting its sense of smell. The nuns poured out their perfumes, and Katara waterbent them to completely drench the animal and everyone else. Because the many scents obscured his "vision", Nyla became confused and randomly lashed out, accidentally paralyzing Zuko and June. The shirshu's rampage allowed Team Avatar to escape from the abbey.[3]


The abbey's main hall was intricately stylized.

The abbey is located at the foot of a tall, wooded mountain. It is built with dormitories, storage rooms, and kitchens, all arranged around a paved central courtyard. To allow the nuns to live in solitude, none of the rooms have windows facing outward, and there is no entry to the abbey save through the main gate. At each of the four corners of the courtyard is a tower which is pierced with two windows on either side. A stream flows through the middle of the courtyard and feeds a small covered well. To the back of the courtyard is the large main hall, a multilevel building with deeply-curved roofs supported by wooden columns. Unlike the rest of the abbey's constructions, which are made of brick or stone plastered in warm tones, the main hall is wooden, with a half-timbered, white-plastered exterior.

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