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The aardvark sloth,[1] also known as the anteater sloth,[2] is an animal commonly found in the Fire Nation archipelago, more specifically in the ruins of the Sun Warriors' ancient city.[3]


While trying to find the original source of firebending, Zuko and Aang explored the Sun Warriors' ancient city. Upon finding an ancient relic, Zuko removed it from its pedestal, accidentally triggering a trap that covered them in viscous slime. After the two benders were found by the Sun Warriors, two aardvark sloths were used to remove the remaining slime on their bodies and clothes.[3]


The aardvark sloth has a long, flexible tongue which it uses to trap ants and other insects. Though the creature is brown in coloration, its head and extremities are a darker and lighter shade, respectively.

On the sloth's rear and front legs are long claws which allow the creature to climb and hang from trees for long periods of time. The claws can also be used as a defensive mechanism against predators, albeit a relatively weak one.

Their specialized saliva can be used to clean heavily adhesive substances from various surfaces.[2]


Tamed aardvark sloths are mainly kept as pets and used for cleaning. The Sun Warriors use their own aardvark sloths to clean off the heavily adhesive substances that they use in their traps.[3]


The aardvark sloth, as aforementioned, largely resembles both the giant anteater and the sloth in terms of physical build and size.


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