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Aang On! is a game hosted on The game takes inspiration from certain elements of Avatar: The Last Airbender's second book.


Aang is training with Katara and Toph to master waterbending and learn earthbending, respectively. While attempting to cross a steep gorge, he must use his bending abilities to deflect objects that are hurled at him by an unseen force as he jumps from one rock pillar to another, slowly making his way to the other side of the valley.


  • Left mouse click – Complete prompts
  • Space-bar – Jump to next pillar


In order to complete the game, the mouse must be moved in the direction shown by Aang's mental arrows while the mouse button is held. Once the player has moved the mouse, the button should be released. Aang will move accordingly and summon defensive elements; a sequence of perfect moves negates the oncoming attacks. When the space bar icon appears, one should press the actual keyboard's space bar to make Aang jump to the next rock in front of him. One must be quick when the rock shakes, for when Aang's balance bar is emptied, he will fall off the rock and the game is over.


There are three types of difficulty:

  • Gulch Trail: Shortest and easiest
  • Ravine Challenge: Longer and tougher
  • Canyon Ordeal: Longest and toughest


Aang On goof

Aang is hit by a water sack despite it never being found in the series.

  • The title of the game is a play on the phrase "hang on".
  • Occasionally, when the player gets the sequence wrong, someone will throw a leather water sack at Aang. This item was never seen in the series.
  • The rocks on which Aang has to step are similar to the ones in Wulong Forest.[1]
  • The location of this game is also similar to the Great Divide.[2]


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