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This article is about the character in the pilot episode. For the character in the actual series, see Aang. For other similar uses, see Aang (disambiguation).
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The following information is not considered to be part of the main continuity.
"Come on, Kya, you're flying with the Avatar! Start acting like it."
— Aang to Kya.[1]

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Aang was a male Air Nomad, the immediate successor of Avatar Roku, and the predecessor of Avatar Korra. He was fun-loving, somewhat naive and adventurous. He already seemed to have a conscience against killing people, as he saved Prince Zuko from falling from a giant statue, saving him from a possible death. He already had some waterbending experience, as he bent the water and both corrected Kya's attempts and gave her advice.


Aang and his friends, Kya and Sokka, were fleeing from Zuko, who was hunting them down from his ship. They ran into a sea serpent, but it took interest in the ship after Zuko attacked it, allowing the trio to escape to an island. While there, Kya practiced her waterbending, but could not control it well; Aang offered her some advice and demonstrated the correct leg stance. When Sokka demanded they help search for food, Kya was reluctant to leave Aang, as he was "the world's last hope"; Sokka went off alone in a huff. Kya and Aang remained at the camp and engaged in a slightly awkward conversation before Momo alerted them of an upcoming danger.

When they reached the Fire Nation base and saw Sokka being taken in, Kya decided to go after him, but told Aang to stay hidden. She became captured as well, but refused to reveal Aang's whereabouts. When Aang flew in, shocking everyone, the soldiers threw Sokka and her into a pit. Aang sat on the scaffolding, evading Zuko's attacks while Momo distracted the soldiers and engaged Zuko's pet hawk in a flying duel of sorts.

As the scaffolding disintegrated, Aang and Zuko moved their fight to the defaced Avatar statue. When Aang was almost cornered by Zuko, he simply threw himself off the statue, setting him in danger and thus activating the Avatar State and blowing Zuko off. Coming out of the Avatar State, Aang caught an unconscious Zuko but dropped him a short distance into a wall to fly over to Kya and Sokka and subsequently escape.[1]

Similarities to actual series[]

In the pilot episode, Aang was very similar to his character in the first book of the main series.

  • Aang already seemed to have feelings for Kya, as noted by Sokka's "boyfriend" comment, recreated in the actual series.[2][3]
  • Aang saved Zuko from falling to his certain death; he similarly saved Zuko from a near-certain death twice in the actual series.[4][5]
  • Aang and Zuko fight on scaffolding; in the actual series, this fight is recreated in New Ozai, but Zuko is replaced with Azula.[6]


  • Aang was voiced by Mitchel Musso in the pilot, but once production began, the role was changed to Zach Tyler Eisen.
  • Aang's outfit includes a fold in his right trouser leg, a feature the creators later removed as it was something "no one could draw".[7]


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