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Avatar Aang was a male Air Nomad and Avatar with the ability to bend all four elements.


Avatar: The Last Airbender video game

PS2 version

Northern Water Tribe

Sometime after the Siege of the North, Aang was requested to meet the Tribe Elder, Master Wei. He was confronted by wolves, but easily defeated them without killing them; as he did this, he picked up a water skin. Once he reached the Elder, he was asked to investigate the disappearances of waterbenders from the tribe. He ventured back to where he was, entering an ice cave where he dodged ice and defeated more wolves; however, he could not find anything. As he returned to the tribe camp, he saw Zuko's ship docked at the edge of the snow and hastily ran back.

Aang fought a wolf in the Northern Water Tribe.

As he ran to the tribe, fighting off a few wolves, he saw in the distance Katara being taken by Fire Nation soldiers. When he finally reached the tribe camp, it was damaged and Katara was gone. He ran to a training area and found Sokka, and the two ventured to Appa who was trying to defeat a giant firebending machine. After they defeated the machine, the two climbed on Appa and headed to a small island where the ship had, according to a villager, headed.

The village

After leaving the Water Tribe village, the remaining members of Team Avatar traveled to an Earth Kingdom village referred to as the Port Village. At the village, Aang and Sokka briefly discovered a new ability of invisibility. This enabled them to sneak past some guards and enter the village. At the village, Aang and Sokka met the village elder. The sweet old lady told Aang and Sokka that she had not seen Katara, but would ask around for information and clues. In the meanwhile, she told them they could move around without revealing their identity by stealing Fire Nation Army clothes; Sokka and Aang subsequently went into the nearby Fire Nation barracks where they found uniforms and returned to the village. Upon returning to the village, the elder asked them for help with a major issue. She told them that the village's food was mysteriously disappearing. Aang agreed to help and fought through several small groups of hog monkeys to get to the mountains. There, they discovered that the Fire Nation was stealing and storing the village's food inside a cave located in the high mountains. They both informed the elder, and she thanked them. She also told them to speak to the Dock Merchant because he might have had some information. Aang and Sokka found the Dock Merchant at the docks. He told them that he saw Zuko's ship being captured and taken to the village docks, and the jailer imprisoned him and Katara in a prison in the mountains. With this information, Aang and Sokka headed to the prison.

Aang and Sokka combatted hog monkeys in the village.

Rescuing Katara

After Aang and Sokka arrived at the Fire Nation prison, they fought their way through several firebenders, spearmen, soldiers, and firebending captains. They had to battle a firebending captain at the bottom level of the prison, where Katara was being kept. When Katara was freed, she told Sokka and Aang about a machine maker named Lian who was being forced to make machines and was locked up in the prison. The three entered a large prison chamber and found the jailer meditating in the middle. Lian was surprised to see an airbender and watched the battle. The jailer showed great proficiency in firebending, but ultimately, the team still managed to defeat him. They soon found out that Lian had escaped and left a map showing direction from the Northern Water Tribe, to the village, to another earth village, and the city of Omashu. They headed out to an earth village on Appa.

Heading to Omashu

Once there, Team Avatar aided Tyro, Haru, and the other earthbenders who were attacked by the machines. Tyro told them that one of their own members, Yuan, was also kidnapped, prompting Haru to join the team to help find his friend. Aang communicated with the forest spirit protecting the land in which he advised them to go to Omashu.

Their journey took them to Omashu where King Bumi gave them directions to a secret hidden island. They managed to leave the city relatively unscathed when the Fire Nation invaded. Zuko appeared, but failed to catch up and was taken prisoner by a machine.

Four Paws Island and Lian

When they reached the island, the gang found the Maker, Lian, creating more machines. She feared that Aang would not be able to master all four elements before Sozin's Comet arrived. Aang refused her help, being that the machines were disrupting villages. Lian voiced her contempt for him as she sent a machine to fight them. While the gang was distracted, Lian fled to a nearby air temple, attempting to destroy the Avatar statues.

The Air Temple and captured friends

Aang visited the temple on his own, leaving Katara, Sokka, and Haru behind. Aang managed to stop Lian by defeating all the machines in the temple. However, after hearing a noise, Katara, Sokka, and Haru began to investigate the source. While doing so, they got captured by another machine, and the machine fled.

Aang chased the trail the machine had left and eventually reached a fortress. Inside the fortress, Aang found Katara, Sokka, and Haru trapped. Aang rescued them. While searching the fortress for Lian, the gang briefly encountered Zuko who was held captive there. Despite Aang's efforts to help him, Zuko attacked the group and was swept away in a waterfall.

Final fights

The four entered the fortress, where they found Lian, having finished a machine being manned by the missing waterbender Hiryu, Haru's friend Yuan, and a nameless firebender. In the deepest level of the fortress, Aang faced Lian to stop her creations. Lian voiced her contempt for benders in general saying "thinkers should be in charge, not magicians". Believing that division of the elements is the real reason behind the war, her machines would be used to "even the playing field". Sokka, a nonbender, voiced his disagreement to her opinion.

Lian called out to the missing benders, including Yuan, who revealed themselves apparently willing to aid her by powering the "Ultimaton", a war machine capable of controlling fire, earth, water, sound, and air.

Team Avatar's united attacks managed to put down the machine. As Aang got distracted, the Ultimaton tried to attack him from behind. Katara got in the way to protect him but got hit by the Ultimaton and was knocked unconscious. Enraged, Aang went into the Avatar State and easily destroyed the machine.

Haru and Yuan reunited, and the team left the place behind on Appa. Haru asked if Sokka never liked benders as he said with Lian, in which the latter commented that he finds them "all right". Katara and Aang began to tease him, much to his aggravation.

The Burning Earth

Fong's base

Team Avatar is approaching General Fong's base. As they near, Appa sneezes, making Aang and Katara fall off. Aang stops them from hitting the ground with the use of airbending and tells Appa "bless you". Sokka takes Appa somewhere to go get a drink and some food. As Aang and Katara laid on the ground and laugh, an earthbending soldier threw a javelin and them and nearly hit the duo. The guards were ordered to attack the two by General Fong, but were defeated. Once they defeated the soldiers, General Fong introduced himself to Aang and Katara. Fong told his guards to attack the duo once more with increasing numbers, though Aang and Katara defeated the platoon of soldiers once again. Fong subsequently suggested Aang call forth the Avatar State to end the war, which Aang refused, saying he could only do so when there was danger to himself or his friends. Fong opted to putting Aang in danger himself to make him go into the Avatar State. Once the two weakened the general, he opted to attack Katara, which made Aang go into the Avatar State and defeat the general. Fong congratulated Aang, but before he could suggest his proposal, he was hit in the head with Sokka's boomerang.


Upon reaching Omashu, the gang saw that the city had been captured by the Fire Nation. Despite the objection of Katara and Sokka, Aang decided to go in and rescue Bumi. Aang, along with Sokka, entered Omashu via a secret path in the sewer, a path that left Sokka clearly displeased. Once they reached the surface, they found a man that heard "the voices"; Fire Nation soldiers were speaking and their voices were emanating from a nearby pipe. Suddenly, the group was earthbent into a base within the sewer. There, they found a resistance group, and they learned that Bumi surrendered the city as soon as the Fire Nation troops arrived. The resistance leader said that fighting is the only path to freedom. Aang suggested that a better alternative would be to leave Omashu and come back to fight another day. Sokka came up with the idea to use "pentapox" to trick the governor into letting the citizens leave. Aang and Sokka stole Fire Nation supplies from the surface and found purple pentapuses in the sewer. Katara came back from feeding Appa, and she accompanied Aang to the Royal Palace where the Governor was waiting for them. Aang and Katara eventually defeated him and Aang found Bumi locked in a cage. Before Aang could free Bumi, the latter told him that there was a third type of jing called neutral jing that was neither attacking or evading but doing nothing and waiting for the right moment to strike. Aang understood and realized that this was the reason Bumi surrendered. Bumi also told him it was the reason that he could not leave Omashu. Aang sadly realized that he had to find another earthbending teacher. Bumi told Aang that his master would be someone who had mastered neutral jing, who waited and listened before striking. Aang bid Bumi goodbye and the group left Omashu on Appa.

The Swamp

Aang rebelled against the swamp monster.

After the group got split into pairs due to a tornado hitting Appa, Aang, along with Sokka, found out that Fire Nation waste was polluting the swamp. They cleaned it up and pressed forward. Aang and Sokka found Katara in a nearby village. They were informed by a villager that a group of men from the village were trying to hunt Appa for dinner. Aang and Katara went to the location where he was last seen. They saw Appa fly into vines when a swamp monster appeared. They fought and defeated the swamp monster which turned out to be a villager. The villager educated Aang about the spirituality of the swamp and Aang saw a vision about his future earthbending master and teacher, as well as the drill headed for Ba Sing Se.

Meeting Toph

After arriving in Gaoling, Sokka left in search of food while Aang and Katara headed to Master Yu's Earthbending Academy. Along the way, the pair was attacked by bounty hunters who create multiple roadblocks. The duo fought all the bounty hunters and reached the Earthbending Academy. After entering Yu's Academy, the master challenged Aang to a fight. Aang won the fight, but Yu ended up cheating. Aang saw a poster for an earthbending tournament called Earth Rumble VI. Aang and Katara headed to Earth Rumble VI. Along the way, they picked up Sokka.

When they reached Earth Rumble VI, Xin Fu, the host, informed the audience that some of the contenders had withdrawn from the competition. He asked the audience if anyone would wish participate. Aang volunteered himself and Sokka. Aang and Sokka battled the contestants and eventually defeated the champion of Earth Rumble VI, the Blind Bandit. Aang believed that the Blind Bandit was meant to be his earthbending master. However, before he could talk to her, the Bandit had already left. Aang asked Xin Fu about the Blind Bandit. After discovering where she lived, the pair headed toward the Beifong estate. Along the way, however, they were ambushed by the bounty hunters from earlier and were taken captive. After breaking out and saving a captive professor, the pair sneaked in to the Beifong estate. While Aang and Sokka were talking to the Blind Bandit, whose name turned out to be Toph Beifong, Aang was captured by Xin Fu. Sokka and Toph headed for the Earth Rumble VI stadium to get Aang back. After Sokka and Toph defeated Xin Fu and freed Aang, Toph agreed to teach the Avatar earthbending. The team went to the Si Wong Desert, for they had promised the professor from earlier to deliver some important blueprints.

Training with Toph and the Library

An enraged Aang created a sand cloud.

While in the Si Wong Desert, Toph started to teach Aang earthbending. After a while, Aang made a comment that offended Toph and the two sparred. After sparring, the pair fought off a group of sandbenders who were trying to take Appa. Once the fight was over, Professor Zei told the group of a library. When they located the library, everyone except Toph entered and scoured through the manuscripts. After breaking Wan Shi Tong's trust, the Knowledge Spirit started to sink the library. The group managed to escape, but Aang discovered that Appa had been stolen. Toph, who was the only one with Appa, informed Aang that Appa was taken by the same group of sandbenders that they had fought off before. 

Ba Sing Se

Team Avatar decided to go to Ba Sing Se after Aang's training. When arriving, however, they found a giant drill trying to break down the walls. Everyone entered the drill where they came up with a plan in which Aang and Katara broke down the pillars. After they did so, the two went to the top to fight Azula. When they reached the top of the drill, Azula showed up and Aang and Katara began to fight her. After a while, Azula stated that Aang's skills had improved since she last saw him and asked for Zuko's opinion. Aang and Katara had to battle both of the siblings. When Zuko threatened to burn Katara and suffocate her in a ring of fire, Aang went into the Avatar State and knocked Zuko unconscious. After Azula had been weakened by Aang and Katara, she shot lightning at Katara, knocking her down. Aang went into the Avatar State again and knocked Azula out before she could hurt Katara. With Katara's help, Aang escaped with Sokka and Toph on Appa. In the Earth King's palace, later on, the Team explained the invasion plan to the Earth King. Aang boasted about how he had mastered waterbending and earthbending and that everything will be just fine. Katara and Toph bent earth and water around Aang, binding his feet and arms and making him look like a rooster. The group laughed at his embarrassment.

Into the Inferno

PS2/Wii version

The awakening

Aang woke up from his coma after his battle with Azula and Zuko to find Katara standing over him. She expressed how concerned she and everyone else were for him and how glad she was to see that he was okay. Suddenly, the horn of a Fire Nation ship sounded and Katara said that they have to get up on deck. Aang and Katara made their way to the deck to fight the Fire Nation soldiers that had boarded their ship. Katara used her waterbending to douse the flaming projectiles fired from the enemy ship, and Aang used earthbending to launch them back at the ship. Aang and Katara eventually destroyed the ship. Sokka told Aang about the invasion plan.

The arms factory

Team Avatar entered a small Fire Nation village located on a heavily polluted river. When arriving at the poor and small town, Katara and Aang spoke to Dock. They asked him what the cause of the village's poverty and polluted river was. Dock told them that the cause of the poverty and pollution was the Fire Nation military's arms factory. When Katara and Aang heard about the Arms Factory, they decided to go "take a visit" to the factory. They both used their waterbending skills to build an ice bridge across the river and into the mountains. On the path to the factory, they encountered a few Fire Nation soldiers and other tasks. Once both of them got to the entrance, Aang used his airbending skills to fight a group of factory guards. They entered the factory and used waterbending to break some pipes, crates, etc. and freeze pipes with the water contained in crates. By the time they both exited the factory, the factory was almost completely sabotaged due to their bending. Aang and Katara headed back to the village.

Pier fight

As Aang and Katara walked back to the village from the factory, they notice a formation of military jet skis circling the village. They also noticed the angered General Mung who was prepared to destroy the defenseless village. The jet skis went around the village's pier. Aang rushed to the pier with Katara. They got ready to battle and defend the defenseless village. General Mung noticed them and got even more furious. They began to battle with the soldiers. After the battle continued for a while, General Mung jumped off his jet ski and onto the pier. There, Katara and Aang fought against Mung and several of his soldiers closely. Mung firebent and shot a blast. However, Aang cleverly used waterbending to freeze Mung in a block of ice, allowing him to defeat the other soldiers. After the fight, the villagers thanked him and Katara. However, Aang asked one request from Dock. It was that General Mung was captured and kept somewhere remote and safe until the invasion was over. Dock agreed and thanked the Avatar and his friends.

Fire Lord in hiding

Aang and Toph traveled to the Fire Lord's secret bunker to find Ozai. However, when they entered the Fire Lord's room, they found not Ozai, but Azula. Azula revealed the presence of two Dai Li agents she had brought from Ba Sing Se. Aang and Toph began an exhaustive fight against the Dai Li. Toph tried to warn Aang that Azula was just wasting their time, but Aang insisted they had to defeat Azula to find Ozai. They eventually defeated the Dai Li agents and approached Azula who had readied a lightning attack. Before she could attack however, Zuko came and blasted Azula from behind, knocking her out. Zuko told Aang that Ozai was not there and that he would help them escape, but they had to move quickly.

Into the inferno

Aang and Katara took part in the final battle against Ozai.

As the comet arrived, Aang appeared at Wulong Forest, waiting for Ozai to arrive. When Ozai did arrive, Aang firebent at the former's airship. Ozai jumped onto the rock column that Aang was on. He firebent a blast straight at Aang, but Katara appeared and blocked Aang from the blast. Katara helped Aang defeat Ozai. Finally, when Ozai was knocked down, Aang, using energybending, took Ozai's firebending away. Zuko showed up and told his father that it was time to pay for what he had done. Ozai was locked up in jail and seemed to be going insane, saying that he was the Phoenix King and that he would destroy them all. Outside of the Fire Nation Royal Palace, Katara asked the newly crowned Fire Lord Zuko what his plans were as Fire Lord. Zuko stated that he and Mai were going to work together to rebuild the relationships with the other nations. Zuko asked Aang what his plans were. Aang replied that he was not sure and looked at Katara, who blushed in return, sensing what he meant. The Avatar said that things were definitely looking up.

DS version

There are a few differences between the DS and PS2/Wii versions, such as:

  • Aang is able to bend all four elements in the levels but can only move fire rather than conjure it.
  • Aang has a unique ability to create a small tornado to propel a character over a ledge or body of water.
  • Aang faced Ozai alone at Wulong Fores as opposed to with Katara, and he also had to enter the Avatar State to defeat him, rather than it being optional.
    • This also results in a gameplay change: Aang's health is considerably higher and he is able to launch air and water balls at Ozai, raise boulders to block his Lightning attacks, and throw fire to absorb the Phoenix King's own fire balls.
  • When looking at Katara, she kisses him rather than blushing.

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