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Aang's armor

Aang stood unable to move in the heavily plated armor.

Aang's armor is an elaborate arrangement of protective plating displayed at a weapons emporium in the Fire Nation town of Shu Jing.


Sometime during the summer of 100 AG, Team Avatar visited the Shu Jing weaponry shop. The store offered a wide variety of weaponry, some of which dated back hundreds of years. One particular piece of armor caught Aang's attention, and he proceeded to try it on. The protective covering sported hooks, spikes, chains, and blades and had numerous skull motifs. However, despite the variety of weaponry the armor featured, it remained impractical for battlefield use, as it was much too heavy and cumbersome to wear while fighting,[1] which was demonstrated by Aang when he clumsily toppled over.[2]


  • To add to the comedic nature of the scene and the seemingly "tough" nature of the armor, the music in the clip begins with a hawk's call and contains several dramatic sound clips, such as the sound of rocks and an electric guitar riff.
  • The armor bears a slight resemblance to Nightmare from SoulCalibur, the main similarity being the left gauntlet.
  • In the commentary for "Sokka's Master", the creators stated that the armor is a parody of certain styles and fictional characters that they are not fond of yet are sometimes asked to incorporate into Avatar in order to make the series "cooler".[3]
  • The armor was based on an unapproved toy called "Battle Armor Aang", which was meant to have an air sword like the one Aang described.
  • On the TV Tropes wiki, this suit is the page image for Scary Impractical Armor.
  • The creators stated that the armor was made while they had a lot of frustration with the Avatar toyline to take the heat off, and they told their studio that anyone could add any ridiculous elements to the outfit to make it complete.[4]


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